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​¿Cómo estas?: How to greet a stranger or a friend

In order to ask someone how they’re doing you must know how to:

-Open a conversation

-How to ask formally and informally

-How to answer a question if someone asks you

-When to use each greeting at what time of the day

How to say hello:


When asking your friend or family member how they are doing, you ask:

¿Cómo Estas?

When asking a stranger or someone with high authority how they are doing, you ask:

¿Cómo Estas Usted?

Now that YOU know how ask the questions, you must know how to answer them!

The most common answers to “¿Como Estas?” are:

Muy Bien - Doing well or good

Mas o menos- Doing okay

Muy Mal- Doing bad/horrible

After greeting someone, you must always say bid them good-bye.

How to say a simple good-bye:


More ways to bid farewell to someone are at the bottom: