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Driver's Ed Project

To whom it may concern:

      Unfortunately, the weather is one of the few forces of which humans have not yet mastered control. Because of this, on a daily basis we are forced to cope and plan our lives around the will of the weather. This applies most importantly for individuals who choose to drive carelessly in adverse weather conditions. The focus of this information packet is to warn the drivers of Pennsylvania of the dangers that lurk in adverse weather conditions and how they can be avoided with consideration of simple things Usually, our organization focuses more so on speeding issues in this state, but it has come to out attention that the drivers of Pennsylvania are lacking a consideration of the basics of driving. Most of what is to be read in the following pages seems like it is common sense, but if you take the time to actually pay attention to what happens on the highways, roads, and streets of Pennsylvania you will see that this “sense” is not common among Pennsylvanians. We encourage you to view the corresponding public service announcement below.

Thank you,


(Citizens United Against Speeding in Pennsylvania)

The write-up to accompany the PSA can be viewed here.

Driver's Ed