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The moment that changed China

​The moment that changed china.                                Page 1.
Chang, A new soldlier for the Chinese army. Tank man(idenity never found)

Act one, Scene one.

What is he doing? Does he want me to run him over? Does he really? He needs to be smart and let me pass. I’ll have to run him over. I’ll do it. Wait, No i’m not. I’ll try to go around him! That’s the smart thing to do.  (The tank trying to get around this person). What is he doing? Stop! Get out of my way! You’ll be crushed! What is he doing? Does he think this is so wrong? For him to put his life on the line like that for his people. I need to praise him in a way. I don’t even know why i am doing this. I don’t know why we are doing this. Wait! I need to stop thinking about this. My wife is ill. I need the money from this to pay for her medical bills. I need to save the love of my life, i need to run him over. (Going to try to run him over) I can’t do it. (Stops the engine) I just can’t he is my fellow citizen we fight for the people, we don’t fight to hurt are people. What is he doing!( The man climbing on the tank) Is he cray there could be fighters around! He might be shot! His passon for his country is breath taking. He would stand up to a column of tanks for his country i admire his work and i admire him. ( The guy is pulled away by other people) Thank god that he was pulled away. Now i need to complete this mission(hesitantly beginning his mission again)

 Tank man, just a bystandrd walking home from shopping.

Act 2, Scene one.
What is going on? Haven’t we suffered enough! From last night, people were killed, beaten, and threatened to lose there lives, homes, and family’s if they don’t leave the square. I wont let this happen again! My people keep dying from the “protectors of the land” But they’re hurting us! I wont let this happen! My wife could be next! My boy could be next! My daughter could be next! I wont let this happen again!( Runs in front of the tank) (Shouts) Don’t pass! I wont let this happen! You’ve hurt my people enough already and you are supposed to protect us not hurt us like you’ve been doing! Think about what you’re doing and think with your Conscience not with the money you’ll be getting from this massacre you will be bring upon us! How dare any of you to do this! (Tank trying to get around him) No you wont get past me! You  wont get past me. I promise you with every breath i have you will not get past me without crushing me alive under your very heavy tank! ( The tank stops and shuts off its engine) You stopped! Is there a human being in there!( attempting to climb the tank) Is there? Is there a              human being in there!(Slamming on the top of the tank) IS there come out here and show me your face you demon! ( people come and try to pull him away) No! I wont let them pass those demons aren’t going to pass me! No! Get away from me! Don’t touch me! I’m thinking about my country my people, my wife and my children. (they pull him away) This is not the last you’ll see of me!

Page 2

General Cho, Highly ranking member of the Chinese army, secrely opposing the milliarty 
Act one, Scene two

I don’t understand why they’re doing this.  They’re going to lose there lives, going to get hurt and suffer very critical injures and I frankly don’t think are hospitals can manage. They’re wrong and everyone knows it. i don’t get why they think they’re right and it honestly bothers me that people think that they can just protest things that that think is right? This is the law. The law that has been there for thousands of year here in are mother land of China. Are mother land the place that we grew up in the place that we eat, we pick food and we raiwwse are family’s. They are disrespecting are county are honor and disgracing china and how we live, breath and talk. This military movement is for THEM not us. This is to keep them safe from outside interference from those stupid Americans. They’re people who are taking pictures and shooting this on there camera’s and there letting them do it because of there ignorant behavore. Are lords are kings are saviors give us command we follow them They need to understand that without them we wouldn’t be here he is the reason why we are stong. He is the reason why we eat and live to fight another day!

John, American reporter, Good guy, Family man. Comes from Texas.

Act two, Scene two

This is someone on the hotel out side of the square on the night of the massacare
Wow. This is amazing. These people are protecting there home and there rights. People with tanks guns, grendades. These people could could get killed could die. I need to take pictures of this. I need to tell the world about this. (Hears gunshots) Woah! They’re shooting her too. They don’t want anyone to see this and it’s working. Some people were shot and i could hear the screams from the hotel and the square. These soliders whey are they doing this! They’re hurting there own people and they don’t even care. it bothers me what people will do for money people would kill there own people just for money

Yia, A mother that works at a pharmacy. Her son dies in protest while she watches.
Act three, Scene one.

These “people” try to help us. They say they’re the protectors of the people. Do the protectors of the people do this to me? Do this to my people? These people only do it for the money,  they don’t have souls or lives. They don’t know how i feel! Having my son die and me very wounded by these men. They used real bullets, they hurt us. I don’t understand. What happened? What do you think happened?! Honestly can you not see the hole in my leg and my shoulder! My very son once told me he wanted to join the army, he wanted to fight for us! To fight those stupid americans! But now he is dead because of them, and he was shot right in front of me. My own son dead right in front of me. Him bleeding and telling me that he didn’t want to die. But he did. He’s future is ruined. My future is ruined. I wont be able to go to his wedding. Dress him, or tell him to go buy me eggs anymore. I wont be able to see him have his first born baby. I wont be a grandma. Because of the protectors of the people. My other brother walks in

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