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Weather is determined by how much heat the earth is exposed to and how much it attracts overall. The structure of the world causes it to be exposed to a different amount of heat energy, for those places that don’t attract as much heat is made up in air, which is therefore the cause of what we call “Weather”.Throughout the world many experiment have been conducted to figure out what weather was and were it came from, to do so they start with the attraction of the heat.The first image below shows an example of what was used to attract the heat from the sun. A way of conducting weather in the modern day is through maps as you can see in the second image below. Finally the maps key is below it. 


 The density of the air also has a big impact on weather because warm air is rises because it’s not as dense as cold air which sinks, through it all water is caused to evaporate. According in scientists the tropical areas receive the wet season when they receive the most solar energy. When the water evaporated their days are exposed to a lot of heat. The main things that determine weather are temperature, Air pressure, Wind speed/Wind Direction, and Precipitation. 

Example problems: 

How is a cold front determined?
a. warm air comes into an area.
b. Cold air comes into an area.
c. Cold air moves to an area with warm air and they meet. 
d. By looking at the water pressure of an area.  

(You can decide on the correct answer by first thinking back to what you read on what a cold front is, then you can think about what you can immediately eliminate and get rid of those. Finally if you are stuck look at the ending result of each answer and pick what makes the most sense. If worst comes to worst make an educated guess. ) 

What is a trough?
a. An area with high pressure
b. An area with low pressure
c. An area with a lot of water
d. An area that is exposed to open land

(You can decide on the answer by first eliminating all the answers you know for a fact that are wrong.Then you can look at your other options and think about you know about troughs'. Finally pick the answer you most likely agree with and believe that is correct (if you looked at the previos study guide you would have learned it) If worst comes to worst make an educated guess knowing what you know about weather.)

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