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Winston Wright & Ryan Harris - "The Space Race"

For the 3rd quarter benchmark, we chose to make a documentary on the Space Race of the 1960s and the reformation ,revolution, and reaction of the American people during this time in history. Regarding the literal scientific evolution of humanity, the Space Race was vital in propelling humanity into the future. In being a sci-fi fan/aspiring scientist myself, I would constantly here the scientific community talk about the good ole’ days of the 1960s when everyone cared about space. During the decade, the American people were immersed in a national consciousness regarding beating the USSR to space. It was very easy to see how the Space Race changed the United States. It gave the citizens of the U.S things to dream about, and offered new insight on how science and mathematics can be looked at upon as a positive in schools. We did not include this in our documentary, but the mass production of personal computers really did diminish the love for search and discovery in the United States. Most scientist agree that after the cancellation of the Apollo missions ,and the progression of American life after 1970 came the true end of science in space.

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The Space Race (sin annotated bibliography)