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Telling Time

So you're in a mexican boarding school and you're running late to class but your classmates only speak spainish! Don't worry, use this information to learn how to ask for and give the time.

es la is only used on una and nothing else.
The rest begins with son las EX. son las dos, son las tres...             (with es la)    es la una (its 1 o clock)   (with son las) son las dos or son las tres. This website has a lot of info on how to tell time in spanish clock here. But to understand the spanish time you must understand how to say the numbers 1-60. The flash cards about the numbers is made by someone else it was not made by me i choose this because its simple and compact.

Real life situation : someone walks up to you and asks, "What time is it?" and depanding on the time your aswer will change