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Q1 Benchmark: S.3804 Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeit act

​Reorganization and Pictures to be uploaded momentarily!

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Q1 benchmark: H.R. 17

​In this benchmark, I chose to talk about H.R. 17 which would allow the American people to protect themselves in an event of a robbery and/or break-in in their home or business. Below, you will see my presentation on what this bill is, who started it, who supports it, and a personal note on what I think about it.

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Brewing Controversy: An (illustrated) legal history of the Volstead Act

Click the thumbnail to view an illustrated history of the Volstead Act.

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Benchmark: Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007

For my benchmark I researched the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007 law. In order to tell the story of how this Act became a law I used a website named Xtimeline in order to create a visual time line. On there you can also look at the event list and read about each individual event that took place over time. You can see the time line section here while you can see the event list here. Also under each event you can see some of the resources I pulled from to craft my project.

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Voting Polls Interview

Me: 1. What motivated you to vote?

Ms. Boykin: My grand daughter goes to Temple and told me Joe Sestak was personally handing out flyers. That showed dedication I had to go vote.

Me: 2.  Do you vote every election?

Ms. Boykin: I vote at every Presidential Election.

Me: Do you know why we vote on Tuesday's ?

Ms. Boykin: Yes! Because they assume I don't have anything else to do. Just kidding, I remember asking my dad why, and I think he said something like way back , people went downtown all the time on Tuesdays to go to the markets. It was the most busy day so they kept it on Tuesdays, to keep a strong vote turnout.

Me: Where do you encounter the most campaigning ads?

Ms. Boykin: On Tv and on my dag' gon porch!

Me: Did you learn about voting in school?

Ms. Boykin:Nope!

Me: Are you always sure of who you are going to vote for when you walk into the booth or do you deliberate in the booth?

Ms. Boykin: Most of the time I know because I mainly go vote during Presidential Elections.

Me: Thank you so much for your time Ms.Boykin.

Ms. Boykin: No problem.

2010-11-02 11.18.11
2010-11-02 11.19.02
2010-11-02 11.26.27_Philadelphia_Pennsylvania_US
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No More Forclosures!

This is my quarter 1 American Government Benchmark. For this assignment I had to pick a bill and explain the process it went through to become a bill. The bill i picked was vetoed by the President. This made my project a little more interesting. To present my assignment I decided to create a Prezi.
Here it is.
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