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Quarter 4 benchmark


My portfolio is a demonstration of how much of a good student I can be If I try, and how I sometimes may not do my best because of time of sequences that don't work for me. The Odyssesy comapare/contrast, I tried my best, managed my time, and met was able to complete everything I needed for the assignment even though I did it in the last week. An example of a project gone right. Unlike my Mysterious Skin book review, It was rushed and incomplete in body and depth, It was obviously a fault of mine that made me not able to show off my best efforts. Throughout the entire semester my grade was a reflection of this repetitive unbalance of time, and organization.

2) Memoir Vignette: In this project we had to write a narrative about something that happened to us, that was impacting and played a role in how we grew up. I choose an event that happened to me when I was very young, which inspired my fascination for paranormal science. 

In the summer of 2001, when I was only five years old, I was to become a member of a group of paranormal phenomenon fanatics and victims. What I witnessed when I was young may be a factor to my arms length detachment to society. Don't be afraid, for it was but a mere miscomprehension. And come to these years discovering that it wasn't really what I thought it was a t first. And maybe so the expanding mind of a five year old really did misinterpret but it happened. My mothers van another blur in the great big spectrum of cars we' own in the future years. Sitting in the back, seat belt strapped over my shoulder staring in amazement out the window. Eyes to see, eyes to learn. This ride is muted, like a slow dive. It's the time when summer trades in it's sun umbrella for a rake. My favorite time of the year, the weather at humble ease into a closer step towards peacefulness.
My mother is in the front driving, my baby sister Lindsey in the car right next to me as we head under the bridge into Kelly Drive. I remember always being scared when we went under the bridge. I always thought it would collapse over us, and we'd be goners. I still think that sometimes today.

The van cruised smoothly down the road. Right next to it brown river with a beautiful rainbow forest to the other side, with little dirt paths playing pick-a-boo with the travelers. A bikeway on our side with a little wooden bridge that connects you across the river. I stared out the window, the yellows, and greens of nature moving vastly through the window like a mosaic. We went around the curve, and I observed the river closely.
Brown and mucky it was, with all kinds of dead trees and plants creeping at the surface. My mind swallowed it whole. My heart stumbled.Eyes faltering to a blink. Face pressed up to the window. A humongous yellow creature emerged from the water. It stood in its brown puddles. The size of the house it was. Steadily moving in the muck water dripping from it. It was garbage truck yellow and had brown little patches of stains marked all over its monstrous body. Its legs were skinny and almost robotic. It had giant black fly eyes on an alien shaped head. And yellow antennas mutinous. It seemed to be praying, almost. And then I figured it out; it was a giant yellow grasshopper! It made a horrendous noise "SCREEEECCH!" As it maneuvered itself in the river. I wanted to scream. But we just drove on by. All the cars seemed to be driving on by. I was to pertrify to tell my mother. We drove on in to lost memories.

For years and years that scene stayed a bullet in my heart. I always believed it was a giant grasshopper. I had witnessed the paranormal. The pretend things. That's another thing that sparked my curiousity for UFOs. For years every Saturday morning I'd be on the Discovery Chanel watching UFO Files. Going on the computer and researching ghosts and any kind of paranormal happenings. The Church of Satan, Christianity, Exorcisms, Bigfoot, the missing, and unexplained creatures. All these things had become the center of my life. I had always thought all these years that I had witnessed the paranormal. I was a one of those people you saw on TV talking about being abducted, I was that country family who saw the flying saucer zoom across the sky. That was all I cared for, until I grew up.
Life it happens, but sometimes we do let our imaginations get the best of us. And now when I look back, I learn that I didn't discover some new species, but I discovered something more colossal. What I saw wasn't a giant yellow grasshopper, but a CATERPILLAR truck. Used for construction and destruction. Those big black eyes were probably bulldozers I was seeing. It's funny how strong the mind can fool you.
Memories painting pictures and illusions. I understood why there are so many crazies walking around believing that zombies will return from the dead and it will be salvation. People believing anything they hear. I was afraid so my mind made it all up. Fear is thoughts that distort reality. Thoughts that distort reality are lies, and thus imaginary. I like to laugh at what I though, but want to humble myself for the truth about life I have gained.

The 3)Odyssey Compare/Contrast:

In the Odyssey Compare/Contrast essay we were required to pick a character and or event of the Odyssey and compare it to another story/movie/ tv show. I chose to compare Athena of the Odyssey, and Lady Galadriel of The Lord of the Rings

It is assuredly valued that the goddess Athena and Lady Galadriel are sage mentors of their time. Although the texts of The Odyssey and The Lord of the Rings take place in different times and settings, Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings elfy Lady of Lothlorien, and the Greek's virgin goddess Athena of The Odyssey both appear as guilders of wisdom and power in both stories. But just how do these immortal ladies meet head to head in similarities of their stories?
Athena and Lady Galadriel are different because Athena is a Goddess, and Lady Galadriel is a high Elf. Though Lady Galadriel is great in wit, Athena is known for her logic and intelligence, and Lady Galadriel for her fairness, calling her the Lady of Light. Athena is known as the Virgin Goddess, because she never married or had a lover, Lady Galadriel on the other hand is married to Lord Celeborn.
Athena and Lady Galadriel are similar because they both prophesize to help the main characters of their journey. In the book The Odyssey Athena predicts Ulysses' return to Telemachus " ...But come, tell me this and declare it truly, whether indeed, tall as you are, you are the son of Ulysses himself. WOndrously like his are your head and beautiful eyes; for full often we did consort with one another before he embarked for the land of Troy, where others, too, the bravest of the Argives, went in their excavated ships. But since that day neither have I seen Ulysses, nor he me."( Book 1: 178-210). And Lady Galadriel does the same thing to Frodo and Samwise Gamgee, by taking them to her Mirror of Galadriel and letting them look into the future of what could be if they don't complete their tasks. In The Fellowship of the Ring, she states,"' Like as not.' said the Lady with a gentle laugh. 
'But come, you shall look and see what you may. Do not touch the water!'...' There's only stars, as I thought,' he Frodo said. Then he gave a low gasp for the stars went out. As if a dark veil had been withdrawn, the Mirror grew grey, and then clears. There was the sun shining, and the branches of trees were waving and tossing in the wind..." ( Book 2: p. 362) These quotes exemplify how Athena prophesizes the return of Ulysses and how Lady Galadriel lets Frodo and Sam see the future.
In conclusion, Lady Galadriel and Athena are both important and key characters in the books Lord of the Rings and The Odyssey. They meet head to head, by providing characters with gifts, prophecy, and help in near impossible situations. By highlighting the relation between Lady Galadriel and Athena, one can have a better understanding of the influence of ancient Greek mythology on later masterpieces of fantasy and literature by authors like J.R.R Tolkien.

5) Independent Reading assignment: Nineteen Eighty Four, in this assignment I do a review the book Nineteen-Eighty Four. I basically talk about the book


       On June 8th 1949, the English author of the popular novel Animal Farm, George Orwell, published the 326 page book Nineteen-Eighty-Four.  The book was listed as number 13 on the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century.


Nineteen-Eighy-Four  takes place in the post-capitalist fictional dystopia Oceania, which is supposed to be a model of future Britain  thirty-five year after the book was written.  We find ourselves in a totalitarian, collectivist,  oligarchical state, where state interference is apparent in a very controlling manner, and all popular thoughts, and opinion reign. The story is in first person told by the protagonist Winston Smith, who though works for the central Party’s branch in changing historical records to make sure that propaganda is always true, is actually very critical of Big Brother, the dictator of Oceania,  and is throughout the entire story trying to find his way into a direct action of rebellion.  The conflict of the story, is basically him trying to achieve some sort of independence and revolution in a society where censorship is prevalent, actions and you are constantly being watched. The main conflict in the story is Winston trying to survive, trying not go completely insane in a police state where everything his force fed and authority blankets every inch of land.



My favorite character is of course Winston even though, how he ends up is very much shocking and terrifying.  I can’t honestly say I favor any of the characters, for every character is not very likeable, in fact they are all very bland, and it seems as if some of them don’t even exist.  People should realize that this book  isn’t even about the characters, it’s about looking into a perspective and challenging everything you know. One theme I took away from this book was definetly, revaulating my opinions on authority, government control, economy, and correlating these things to modern day society. Though fictional, I’d say this book, is at the same time a gothic horror and an informative essay. Very beautiful, eloquent, and explosively written.  This book should without a doubt be read more than once, because there is so much to take in, one can possibly not take in everything at once.


This might just be one of the greatest books I’ve ever read and one of the greatest novels of all time. Imagine, the “Catcher in the Rye” but the politically correct version. One strength this book has is demonstrating perspective of the rebel, and thoroughly exemplifying the mentality one who is against the grain. I wouldn’t change anything about the book, I’d only read it again and again and again. It introduces many political themes such as socialism, capitalism, democracy, etc, so additional research should be done so you know about every thick concept the book explores. It may be quite overwhelming because of the intense word usage, so having a dictionary by your side is recommended.


In conclusion, this book should be read by every sort of person, of every range of abilities. Something about it taps into your brain, leaves you shocked, possibly frightened, but eager to learn more.

6)Journal Entries: These are journal entries from this year that love.


Your environment shapes who you are because living in a certain environment can effect how you see the world.The things that you do in that environment, affect how you spend your free time, either it’s too dangerous to go outdoors, making you stay indoors, or your prefer going out in the jungle. What you see outside of your house for me, is what you see in the world. Either it’s a clean suburban slum, or a the gutters of the city, that’s what you have to show for your perspective of the world.


JOURNAL: 3/18/11


I didn’t feel anything when I encountered the word “nigger”. I would’ve been interested if I was in the 5th grade or something, but no. I don’t really think it means anything, it’s use is to evoke hatred and bad memories, but really when you get over it, it doesn’t affect you. It’s not the best come back, and it’s not even the best insult, people have turned it into something different, making it not really harmful at all anymore.


JOURNAL 3/24/11

 I think Kevin will eventually end up having to adapt to the new world,  or become insane and institutionalized.


JOURNAL: 4/5/11

Some of the expectations put upon me by others are to have good grades, good behavior, look the best, be in tons of extracurricular activities, and be everybody’s favorite. My expectations for myself are to basically  be as secure with my own individuality regardless of what others say and not try to live up to other people’s standards and be content in what I feel is best for me. These expectations are way different because though, I am involved in an extracurricular activity, I’m not excited by most of them,  my expectations are about being at what you think is your personal best, and doing things that give you purpose and meaning and not just being a tool for others.


7) This year was very very messy for me. It's unlike any year I've ever had. My grades were not all straight A's like usual, and I had to face uncomfortable socialization from the staff and students.  I guess I learned how to deal with screwing things up and how to pick up the pieces from the mess I make. It's great.
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Could the economy have hope?

Sorry folks but this will but this will be the last one. There will be know more about the economy trying to take your money or anything else so enjoy this last one and I hope you’ll like it!



Today on the economy it seems that president Obama says that that the economy is going up. Now some of you might be thinking is the true here is what he says "in the fall of 2008, one of the last rallies of my presidential campaign was here in the Cleveland area. It was a hopeful time, just two days before the election. We knew that if we pulled it off, we'd have the chance to tackle some big and difficult challenges that had been facing this country for a long time. But then he also says We also hoped for a chance to get beyond some of the old political divides - between Democrats and Republicans, Red states and Blue states - that had prevented us from making progress. Because although we are proud to be Democrats, we are prouder to be Americans - and we believed that no single party has a monopoly on wisdom"


Now when I think about what he says I think maybe getting beyond some of the old political divides -between Democrats and Republicans, Red states and Blue states - that had prevented us from making progress could have helped our economy make some more progress. But if you think it only a though.


Well that’s all the info I have I hoped you enjoyed my blogs and information bye!


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All Traffic Is Bad Traffic

  For my last blog I will be focusing on human trafficking in China. The reason why I would focus on China is because China is a destination point for people who get trafficked from many places for sexual and exploitation. For this particular blog I will be also comparing China’s human trafficking to the United States and also compare the each ones government, for example compare what each country is doing to stop this world issue.

Every year in China it is estimated that there are from 10,000 to 20,000 victims of human trafficking and 90% are women and children. China has become a destination country for victims of human trafficking from North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Burma, and Laos, while most of the victims come from North Korea and Burma. Most women fall into trafficking by false employment and also traffickers trick most children’s parents. In some poorer areas women are sold as wives and in richer areas women are sold for commercial sex business. As to children, they would be sold to adoptions.

 According to All-China Women’s Federation the causes of human trafficking in the China is because of internal migration, which is creating chances for traffickers. Another possible reason of human trafficking could be lack of knowledge and self-protection as The UN Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking says. The Chinese government is providing shelter and medical care for trafficking victims and are than assisted with repatriation.
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Work For The Homeless

My previous articles discussed homelessness as a whole and their education. Now for my last article I am going to be discussing the jobs. Homeless people have a hard time finding jobs due to many problems.


The most common jobs for a homeless person are? Well let’s begin with the most opinionated answers, prostitution, selling their selves. People think that because when you enter in certain neighborhoods that are what you see, well that is what I see. I live Olney, what people call the “ghetto”, there are certain areas where the “action” takes place, and the main place is Second Street. Where the drug dealers and homeless people spend there days and nights.


If you look around that doesn’t seem much like an opinion but more like a fact, if you think about it they don’t have much time to get a REAL job. People are homeless due to many reasons; a good 65% are drugs. They only care about their next fix, so selling them selves is their answer. It is not the right one, but it is the one. On the other hand, some a good 30% are homeless due to the lost of jobs and homes. What are they supposed to do in order to get money to support them and their families?


The United States does offer shelters to help the ones in need but some people who are just too afraid to ask for help. Some shelters can help find jobs and homes, it takes time but it the best option.


Why don’t people help others instead of their selves? You don’t always come first.

Well that’s it for my blog edition for now, hope you enjoyed it.

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Evidence To Prove the Prejudice Opinions!!!!

Although much of what I’ve written so far is very much opinionated, there are actual numbers documented to prove my points more supportively. For example as I talked about women getting paid 70cents per every dollar that a man gets paid, it is not in all cases this “good” it get’s “better”.

For example it has been researched that women who attend community college for 5 years and graduate with a degree, get paid 10,000 dollars less than men who don’t attend college in the very first place. The average that men got without doing much work to achieve where they got compared to women is $37,745 in 2007. Now, women made 27,377 with all of the hard work put in into 5 hardworking years of their lives. Which gender deserves the most amount of money? Women do, because obviously they are working harder and putting in a lot more of efforts to achieve a lot but they don’t get that much.

This injustice correlation amongst women and men has even been going for children as well. How will a mother respond to their 13 year old daughter when she asks: “Mom he got paid more than me for babysitting and I worked more hours than he did, that’s not fair!” How can she respond? Why should that question be even asked when the law states that all people in America have equal rights? It should not be biased to state that this is ridiculous because this word is a right word to describe the data displayed in the graph below. How will a 13’year old daughter’s mom answer the question when the question has an answer that will not teach the daughter something positive about the world? She is young and now young women on top of middle aged or old women have to live with these injustices. The situation is politically and economically not any more appropriate now from when it wasn’t in 2007.

Screen shot 2011-05-27 at 2.46.53 PM
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Final Blog: Does family income and race effect college acceptance?

        Many people assume that students who have a low family income are less likely to accepted into college. However it is more preferable to assume that students in high school with a low income are more likely to not plan to go to college. Therefore in my opinion I would say that family income does not effect your acceptance into college because consider many different ideas for admissions. Many colleges offer financial aid to student who can't afford college and there is always the option for scholarships.
      Many people of diverse race have asked the question if race affects which college you get into. According to a Princeton Review book from my research I learned that African Americans and Hispanics are accepted to all colleges and are even accepted to Ivy Leagues by scoring a 650 or higher on every section of the SAT's. How ever this is not applied for asian students who score a 650 or higher on sections of the SAT's.
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Why Individualism is important,

Individualism is the freedom to do what we want as independent people. People are constantly bombarded into doing things that people in authority want them to do. It's important because if everyone was able to pursue their own goals, then we would have a stronger society as a whole.

Individuality can not work in this society because our structure is controlled by government, money, and law.

Authority plays a role in desensitizing, spreading fear, and brainwashing people into believing that we have the right to terrorize other humans and animals as.Authority infiltrates anything ideologies and standpoints it has on to others, and psychologically molests them of the rights to think for themselves and act on their own will.  You take authority and see how imperialistic it is, and understand that mankind is not free.


Money dehumanizes people, making  them either slaving to a wage, begging in the street, or


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Being bullied because you're "Different"; Blog # 3

   This is my last blog and I'll be writing about people being harassed because they're gay and other situations that connect to the issue about gays being harassed.
I've done research about people being harassed or judged by because they're gay at school. I found a website which stated why people get bullied and harassed , the common reason is because they're "different" in some way. Homophobia starts early. I found an article about a woman who was bullied because she’s gay , she said that people would call her names , and she would get beaten up , which made her scared to go in to school every morning so she would skip class and school.


    Amongst adults  discriminatory views include the belief that gay people should not hold responsible jobs or be allowed to work with children. When I read this statement I was shocked because gay people are humans too! It makes absolutely no sense ,so what if they’re gay , why should that hold them back from getting a job.  My brother is 19 years old and he’s gay and has a job he is also great with kids. I honestly dislike stereo typical people they judge people from the outside not the inside but how they really are.


    My opinion about this is “really” why do teenagers get bullied , what for? I know that they are gay , but there is no real reason why kids do that. What’s so bad about being gay? Lots of gays cover about there sexuality so they won’t be judged. People who get bullied attempt suicide. I didn’t know being gay was this bad. How badly do they get bullied.  When will this stop? When will people just cut it out.





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Let's "WRAP" it up .... :-)

Over the past three weeks I have been I've been informing you about the different things that contribute to childhood obesity.In my first blog i informed you about the different things such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. I have also gave you quotes from different website such as and also that comment and also show facts about childhood obesity. In my second blog I showed you some hidden facts about Mcdonalds and the calories in their sandwiches.Some things I revealed where that most of their sandwich are just under 1,000 in calories.Also, you can see that most of the sandwiches that are advertised in their commercials are nice and neatly made and when you order them in the store they are sloppy and unappealing.

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Speak up. Someone cares. Part 3

Suicide has been founded to be increasing because of the media. Researchers see that teenagers and more vulnerable at their age because of the intimidation and behavior of others around them. Scientists say it’s a stage of “social modeling”. This is when family members are replaced by friends and peers to influence them rather than an adult. At that age of teenage years and adolescence your brain is not fully developed, this is a known fact of why a child acts out when going through depression which could lead to attempts of suicide.


In depression, drug and or alcohol abuse is most commonly found. By this teenagers, seem to run for it as a solution to their problems of making them feel better. It also is like a friend that takes place of an adult role model and if things like drinking and smoking are publicized on the television, a teenager might think of that to help themselves, even if the outcome leads to something bad.


Suicide shouldn’t be covered on the news, but since it is, than its method shouldn’t be talked about. The location and few not very detailed information should be given. This is because sometimes the information told gives teenagers ideas of how they might want to harm themselves. Suicide should be stopped because life is worth something to live for, every 15 minutes someone commits suicide and at that rate it’s about 34,00 suicides a year. Some should be done about this so I think teenagers, adults, and people of every age who are going through depression and or are thinking about suicide should speak up and reach out because someone cares.


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