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Crossing Boundaries, Aye ?

Crossing boundaries , Aye ? 
I wonder how my 17 year old sister see's "crossing boundaries."
I also wonder how one of my younger brother see's "crossing boundaries."
I just had a brief discussion with them 2 about "crossing boundaries" and how they see it. 
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"21 to Have Fun" by Malik Tlili

​Teenagers perpetually drinking every weekend, pre-gaming (drinking before the event) for the year 21. what are the ups and downs to drinking alcohol? Are all teens prohibited from drinking alcohol according to guardians? Listen to the few samples of 18 year old Jimmy Smith's experiences with alcohol. 
English podcast
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"A foot Taller" -Crossing Boundaries

We all know about the "norm" of clothing that we are all expected to follow. But what if someone was to break this "norm?" In this podcast, you will learn about the experience of one girl and how she did so. Also, you will listen to the different views and opinions on her from students of the same class.
_A foot Taller_ -Crossing Boundaries
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