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​I took some portraits of my friends today. Really excited to work on them and then share them with them. Hopefully they will like them though tomorrow we have to take more.
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15 days

So today starts the official count down to the last day of the quarter. I know that I have not done a good job at all this quarter posting stories, but I know that if I were to be counting down to the says when I get to leave, I might.
So with about 2 days about until, I am really frustrated and busy for no reason. Not only do I have to teach my class for my Capstone, I have to work until about 9:30-10. Ugh! Plus, I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep. At this point I have no idea why we are still getting homework? I AM IN COLLEGE, and if I didn't learn it in the first 3 quarters I'm probably not going to learn it now. I just need this day to hurry up and be over. June 3rd just can't come fast enough.
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