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The Anticipation

April 15, 2011 cannot come fast enough. Words can't explain how excited I am to see "Scream 4" in theaters. I just finished watch the original "Scream" that came out in 1996, and I still felt the same excitement that I had back then. Watching "Scream" today has made me that much more excited for April 15. Come faster!!
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I have always loved movies and its my favorite past time. It started with all of the Disney films then I upgraded to my first film Titanic. Sense then, I have always loved movies and I will continue to love them. My first foreign film was Crouching Tigers Hidden Dragons and the House of Flying Daggers. But my all time favorites are The Wood, The Piano, Like water for chocolate, and El Dorado.
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A Monologue For A Mirror In Regards To My Present Productivity

(Judge me kindly friends, the hour is early and I am no poet.)

Mirror, mirror
on the wall
why must I go
and wreck it all?

Such prosperity awaits!
A future pristine!
Tarnished and ruined
by my internal fiend.

This habit confines
all possible splendor.
Each acceptance shall be
returned to its sender.

Mirror, mirror
on the wall
Please tell diligence
to give me a call.
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Happy Birthday Sis

​So today was my youngest sisters birthday. I have two sisters, both younger then me names Olivia (9) and Sofia (now 5).  Today was Sofia's birthday and we celebrated it by  having a birthday brunch with the family. We went out to the Library and then to go by Soft Pretzels. We came home and after I took a very long nap we had dinner. Dinner consisted of Pizza and Pigs in a Blanket. She opened her gifts barbies, jewelry box, and a movie. Usually the movies we get on our birthdays are for my sisters and I. I love kids movies and the one she got was Megamind, which is hilarious! We finished the gift opening and watched Megamind as a family eating tons of candy. Sadly once the movie ended it was time for my baby sisters to go to bed and my parents to move up to their room and watch tv. So basically I had a great day. It was loud and crazy and ended with a beautiful silence. 
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So much on my mind

Drexel tuition and housing, Scholarships, barley begun Capstone, Econ Benchmark, Storytelling Benchmark, Storytelling discussion story Anatomy Benchmark, PHEAA Grant, Prom plans, Drivers license, and my workouts

what should I prioritize more?
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What The Hell?

I was just leaving school and I was on my way to the train station. I was just walking down 22nd street and I looked against the wall and out of the corner of my eye I saw a piece of trash just rolling along. I looked again and to my surprise, it wasn't a piece of trash, but rather, a mouse, just walking beside me. Usually people think of mice as creatures that go to great lengths to avoid human contact, but this one as casual as a clown in the circus, like it just belonged there. 
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