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I know.

I know it's my fault that I'm failing, but if I can't go to prom and they won't give me back my $150 there is going to be some serious issues. I don't have the money to waste on this and my mom did everything possible to make sure that I could go to prom. Like honestly we don't have money to blow by any means, AS A MATTER OF FACT I don't think anyone has that money to blow...I don't understand how they're going to say prom is non-refundable...if I'm not going then where does my money go? I ain't paying for other people to enjoy prom...I'm sorry but this policy is dumb a shit. Prom is an after school activity, I don't get why we can't go...Sigh, I hate my life.
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Mothers Day.

Okay so i forgot to post yesterday about it. Yesterday i took my mom out to a movie and we saw jumping the broom we laughed and had fun the day before i bought my mom some jewelry that she picked out and then i gave her a card which she enjoyed the most. It was great. I love my mom. 
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Typical Mothers Day

Today was mothers day. My mom wanted to do basically the typical mom mothers day activity. So we went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of different flowers and then planted them at my house. It was pretty nice. I don't much care for gardening that much, I like the way flowers look and smell... but I don't have an... I dunno, real interest in them? I like cactus and succulents. They are always cool shaped, like coral reef sometimes, and you hardly ever have to water them or take care of them. I did like planting the stuff though anyways just cause I could tell my mom really did and my little sister did too. I do like to see all the cool insects that live in the dirt like earthworms and stuff though, that's always interesting.
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Mommy (5/8)

Well I had off from work today so I suppose that was a plus and I got to spend some time with my mom, even if it was at home. Though one downside I would have to say was being sick. I mean having a cold can really ruin a day; you know? Though I am glad I saw my mom happy. Oh and my grandmother, cant forget her.
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Mother's day

Omg, I can't stand anymore. I've been trying to work on this same essay for three days straight. I keep getting the same answer that won't answer my question. I'm emotionally distraught, not only from this paper, but from my life. Oh geez, I'm at my limit. I honestly can't handle much more...

At least I was able to give my mom a good mother's day. This was the first one without my dad. He usually took care of everything. I didn't know what to do, so I started with the small things. I let her sleep in, pulled up ecards with out favorite characters on them, then I did her hair. I gave her bangs like me and curled her hair. It looked really nice, once she pulled them into a ponytail-ish bun. We went out to Ruby Tuesdays and got our favorite waiter.

I guess I don't care about how I feel today. As long as mom is happy, then I will be happy to.
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daily story- may 8

Today is mothers day and i gave my mom a song. she cried, but it was happy tears i guess so im glad she liked it. i still feel bad because she always hates mothers day- me and my sister used to be really badly behaved every mothers day when we were little. but she knows i love her, so its all good :]
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