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Emma Crapped Herself

Whatever Emma posts is false.
Today me, Sam, Harrison, and Emma went to go get presents for our moms for mothers day. I got my mom a set of salt and pepper shakers that were hand made out of clay. They were like too little roosters with hats on. My mom has a salt and pepper shaker collection so, it works out well.
After we got our moms stuff we went to go sit at a fountain, like on the side rim of one. But I guess where Emma was sitting was kind of wet. It got her pants wet and somehow she sat in something brown as well. She had really light gray pants on. We all made jokes that it looked like Emma crapped herself. She freaked out about it and so we went to the aids thrift to go search for pants. While we were there Emma saw an actual mirror and realized that the spot on her pants was so small no one would notice, so we left without getting any new pants.
I told Emma I was going to post as my daily story that she shit herself. That's why she prepped with, "whatever Freda says is a lie." But I decided to be nice and I told the real story.
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​It's been established that my artists won't be able to draw what I originally intended by the deadline. So i'm gonna finish out my script till the end of the first arc and make a presentation for that and the pages that are already done (and those that will be done by that point.
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Well that just sucked.

Well i sung in the library again and when it was my turn to go up every left and it was so empty and i was so upset that i didn't do the whole song so. I'm extremely disappointed in myself. maybe next time i won't go up i don't know i'm just very upset now. 

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Still Sick.

Today I was sick still. I didn't want to come to school, I felt like crap, I still do. But I knew if I missed any more Calc I would really be failing. So I dragged my ass out of bed and went to school. I bought like thee oranges and two plain yogurts cause apparently that's good for your immune system? After school I just wanted to go home, but I still couldn't because my brother was home picking up some of his stuff for the new place he's moving into. So I stayed in poetry for about two and a half hours before finally going home, and taking a two hour nap. I'm now doing my school work, trying to knock it out before 11 and then go back to sleep.

You guys are going to love this music video:
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Thursday Nap

I took a 2 hour nap outside by a lake today. It was absolutely fabulous. The sun was hitting me and right as I started to become a little too warm a nice breeze would blow by. Mother earth loves me
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daily story- may 5

Today is my third day in grade recovery. The only work I have to do is for this class, so I'm english-ing it away up here in ms pahomov's room... I'm stuck on my essay. I have an outline but its not very organized and I'm clueless as to where to start... Listening to my itunes on shuffle... kind of bored. Maybe I'll just word puke onto a word doc and see if I get anything worth using :/
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