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Afraid of the Dark.

​When I was younger we lived in the suburbs (not a good neighborhood but we had a yard). When it came time to take the trash out i was always terrified. The lack of noise and the total lack of light made going to get the trash cans from the side of the house terrifying. I tell you this story so i can tell you another one. My grandpa leaves tools around my house all the time because he works in the city and needed somewhere nearby to store the bigger things. While i was getting the trash one night by grandpa grabbed my shoulder and I panicked. i elbowed my grandpa in the rib and sprinted into the house. My dad went out after I came running in and walked in a few minutes later with my grandpa, my dad found it funny.
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BM Process & Today

Sorry I for got to post about the process I'm making on my story. Well so far I have written everything down so my new story is completed. The part I'm working on at the moment is the media part and it's taking me some time but overall I'm on track.

I'm so excited because I'm going to Miami for spring break. The truth is I'm going to check out my college choice before making my final decision and sending in my acceptance fee. I'm happy because I'v booked my flight and hotel so I know for a fact that I'm going. Can't wait Miami here I come!!!
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Verizon Customer Service

Yesterday I was on the phone with Verizon customer service for 40 minutes. My mom made me call them because she is very impatient and quickly losses her temper on the customer service people. I on the other hand I feel bad for the people working there and am very polite and patient with them. People take there frustrations out on them, when there anger usually stems from their internet or cable connections. Nobody likes calling customer service because they are pissy and there problems, on many occasions, are not resolved, however this was not the case for me. Customer service fixed my internet connection problem and said they would be sending me a new router for free in the next two days. This was my biggest success this week.
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Progress. Stressing.


Welp I forgot to post yesterday so whatever. But the progress that I a making is pretty cool. I'm not rushing to do it because I have a setup and I know that it will only take a atter of three days to do. I think I'll tart the tweets sometime next week.


God help me. I have & minutes to finish my history benchmark.
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I was supposed to post about my benchmark, but I was up late struggling with my other two Benchmarks... so... I forgot. I am doing good though, I've already started, Kwadwo Watcher is my facebook dudes account, go go go friend him... now! Haha.
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Since Sunday afternoon, I have been posting on Twitter through my phone. I am just beginning my story so I am very excited about keeping up and attempting to tell my story through Twitter posts. I'm not very interested in Twitter, nor have i ever really used it, so this should be really interesting, aha. My time line and details are done and have started the process that is necessary​ to complete this project so I can only hope that it will turn out well. I am also following Mr.Chase so I hope he follows me back. Feel free to follow me(:

Search my email:
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daily story- march 29

Today we're supposed to report on our progress on the benchmark. So I'm pretty behind, but I talked to Mr. Chase today and here's the plan:

1. stop writing the short story- its just too long and detailed.
2. instead, write an outline for the story with all the plot points.
3. then create the timeline for the benchmark based on that
4. carry out the plan :]

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