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Six Word Stories

~ Two words. Six letters. Love me?
~ "See you tomorrow." Tomorrow never came.
​~ Skin deep beauty, even deeper disease.
~ Together forever. One night. Forever alone.
~ Dime. Paper. Welcome the high life.
~ Only one mistake. Don't lose faith.
~ Shots all night. Hangover at work.
~ Love me slowly, leaving you fast.
~ Keep me sober: Don't stop loving.
~ Best friend forever, knife in back.
~ Big dreams. World map. Never-ending vacation.
~ Ralen: everything goes over her head.
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6 word stories

Mom got new phone... texting lessons.

two hamsters. neighborhood dog. one hamster.

summer break. YAY! yay. um... bored.

wake up. snow day! more sleep :]

applied. accepted. got degree. now what?
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Fake Behind Snow Day

This long week has been great. I was surprised that we didn't have school yesterday all because we had like three inches of snow. Then again that is the Philadelphia school system.

I woke up yesterday extra early in the morning to get ready and to make it on time ( I had saturday school this week; I was not trying to be late) I was fully dressed and ready to go to school. While I'm heading out my little brother starts complaining about how there is snow on the ground and he didn't want to go to school. I start to argue with him until he finally makes e go on FaceBook to check if anyone else was going to school. (It's a shame really that I didn't just turn the news on.) None the less I pull out my laptop and at seven in the morning there is a never ending feed flow  from SLAers in particular; some happy and upset about there not being school. I was a it discouraged because I had put so much effort into getting ready that particular day; But i put on my PJ's and sat on my couch.

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​"This just in! we are getting a news update from the studio, being sick sucks." There is nothing cool about it, when you miss school your too sick to enjoy your day off anyway, and you feel horrible the entire day. I bring this up because I spent yesterday and a good portion of today in bed crying, and coughing there was much coughing. 
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Relationship between power and language #4

Unfortunately my message didn't get across to others. When I got more comfortable with my speech I dared to say longer sentences and talk more but I still stumbled across words and would sound dumb.  When a group of people came to inspect our school I was one of the students chosen to talk to them.  We had an intelligent conversation about parenting of today's world and physhcology. our chat went smoothly, but right after I stepped out of the room my friends who sat close by said I sounded dumb even though I was saying smart things.  I was devastated. I had just started talking more and gaining confidence in my speech but i was smothered the instance my friends told I sounded dumb.  There wasn't much I could do but just keep on talking; it was the only way I would get better.  Days, weeks, and months went by and each day my lisp would fade away more and more, until I reached a point were my lisp was barely noticeable.  When I look back at my experience I realize how much power my voice gave me. I used it to win arguments, to express myself, and to show who I am. When I'd stopped talking as much because I got made fun of or sounded dumb a piece of my dignity was lost.  I let my power be swept away. This meant I lost my arguments, my self-expression was lost, and people didn't see who I was as much.  Although there were sometimes when I stumbled across words and be teased I learned that the only thing to do was to talk more therefore making my speech better. 
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Re-write the first page of a book

So I decided to do Pride and Prejudice (probably my favorite book in the whole world :] ).

Everybody knows that a rich single guy wants to get married. So if one of these guys moves into a neighborhood, the families living nearby usually consider this poor guy the rightful property of their daughter.

"Honey," Mr. Bennet's wife said to him one day, "did you hear- somebody's finally rented out Netherfield Park!" 

Mr. Bennet answered that no, he hadn't heard.

"It's true!" she said, "Mrs. Long was just here and she told me all about it."

Mr. Bennet took another sip of his soda.

"Don't you want to know who's renting it?" whined Mrs. Bennet.

"Well you obviously want to tell me so go ahead."

Mr. Bennet's reply was just the amount of prodding his wife needed, and she went on.

"Okay, so Mrs. Long told me that Netherfield was just rented by this rich young guy from Northern England. He came down on monday in a fancy car to see the place and he loved it so much that he agreed with Mr. Morris that very day. He's going to move in by Michaelmas, and some of his servants are going to be here by the end of next week!"

"What's his name?"


"Is he married or single?"

"Oh, he's single all right! A single man with a large fortune; four or five thousand a year. Oh, what a wonderful thing for our girls…" Mrs. Bennet smiled excitedly.

"How so? What does he have to do with them?"

"Oh honey," his wife answered, "how can you be so stupid! Obviously I mean that he should marry one of them."

"Oh, is that why he moved here?" Mr. Bennet replied sarcastically.

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So Contagious

There once was this band that I absolutely LOVED.  They were known as "Acceptance".  A few years ago, the band decided to split up and go their separate ways.  Most of the previous members went off to join other bands that were not nearly as good as "Acceptance".  I was really shocked and upset to hear the news of the band's break-up.  However, their music still lives on.  My favorite song is still "So Contagious" from their album, "Phantoms".

Click here to listen!

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