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Klarissa Hudson Q2 Media Frequency


“Hello class. My slide is about the effects of peer pressure. It says that peer pressure equals disaster. That’s just what I think of peer pressure but someone else might say differently. I’ve had many experiences with peer pressure and this is the way I describe peer pressure because of it. In elementary school peer pressure got me into a group of girls thinking I’d be picked on less if I was apart of their click. Another peer pressure was when my boyfriend wanted me to do something that I wasn’t comfortable with but I did it anyway to make him happy. Both pressures ended in me being hurt more than before. So to me peer pressure equals disaster. I chose this backround just to show what disaster and give the presentation color and picture. Then I put white letters to contrast the design and used cracked letters to give the words some pizaz. I tried to keep the words simple and nice so I chose peer pressure and disaster. Thank you and that’s all.”  

I learned that the way pictures and words are done make a big impact and image on people and their thinking. The size, shape, color, and way it’s positioned effects it’s outlook to others. Contrast is pretty darn awesome in slides and shows a lot. I like experimenting with slide designs and pictures and colors. I also used this source. I think it looks better this time than before. The words and font are clearer and more legible. The white lettering is better looking and contrasting than the orange lettering.
Screen Shot 2011-12-09 at 11.36.33 AM
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Q2 Media Fluency

Because many suggested that I get rid of the quotes on my slide, I decided to do so and delete them, because like they said, it actually is more meaningful. Additionally, the audience felt that the words were covering my face too much. In actuality, it was supposed to cover to have the audience focus on the text. To improve the contrast even further, I switched everything to the opposite side. So now, the yellow period is even more outstanding than the other text to solidify the statement on the slide. Finally, to make the slide come back to life, I fixed the shadowing on the text to make sure it still had the "night and day" effect to it. 

Throughout this slide design unit, I learned a ton. I used to think that slides were designed so that you can read them to your audience. It turns out that slides were used for a reason far from that. I now know that slides are nothing but a VISUAL AID, meaning it’s supposed to help you a little bit by helping you remember key points in a presentation but a Keynote of PowerPoint presentation is 90% made for your audience to follow. I learned from websites like Presentation Zen, Zach Holman, and that less is more, picture backgrounds can be modified via Alpha, and that color contrast is key in a slide.    

Hi everyone,

My slide is entitled “The Dreamer.” For my color scheme, I used a pallet of light-ish primary colors, because the contrast with each other very much. The background of the slide was composed of a fade from yellow to a baby blue. The yellow represents the day, while blue represents the night. The yellow of the background in the slide “shines” a light onto the letters in the slide and the letters then have a shadow. I used the website as a reference to see which colors contrasted the most with each other so that the words would be relatively clear. The punctuation and quotes in the slide are in different but bolder colors to emphasize the statements.

            The text is shown to be very important because of its boldness and contrast to the background of the slide. I adjusted the kerning on some words so that they would appear more or less important and impacting on my audience. Since the quotes are in the upper left corner, they almost sway the audience to look at the bottom where the more important text is, the title. I used plenty of emptiness to keep my slide very simple to understand, and so that when the few words on the slide were read that the audience could look at the speaker. The picture bleeds off of the slide, and the picture is also in a way “looking” into the yellow light of the background on the slide.

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Brian's ABOUT ME Slide Post

Hello, my name is Brian. I have many hobbies. I love to hangout with friends, listen to music, play sports, and mostly dance.

When I was little I use to sit outside and listen to Michael Jackson on my CD Player, yes CD Player that’s how long ago it was. Even as a kid i use to dance, at my Aunts party I did the moon walk with my cousins uncle. We had everyone laughing and clapping and singing along.

I love to shop for hats and shoes. Nike is the best! 

My favorite music artist would definitly have to be Drake.

My favortie movies are all the Transformers and all 3 Step Up movies.

My favorite sports are football and basketball.

Personal slidepdf
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Q2 Media Fluency

Hello class

I have given my slide the title of "Just Taking My Time" because that is exactly what i do with my life. I don't rush things, I never do things all at once. The tortoise is a strong representation of my life.

I bled the picture to make it seem as it was coming onto to the slide from offstage.
The tortoise was a visual aid for my slide.
There is also lots of empty space so the audience can focus on just the words and the picture.

The bolded and contrasted "TIME" is so the audience can focus on that one word and know it is important because it stands out.


From this project I have learned presentation zen. I have always seen billboards and slides with good eye-catching designs. I have never known the proper names for the effects until now. I have learned about “bleeding” and “kerning”. I learned about the basic fundamental knowledge of slide design. Color contrast, boldness, and font is something I improved in. I feel that knowing more about the slide design will help me with presentations in my other classes.  

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Julian Makarechi Q2

i put some of my favorite artist which are : lil wayne, Drake, Biggie small and Kanye West.
My favorite sport team are: the eagles, sixers and ACMILAN
and i will share some of my favorite quotes and lyrics.Also i will talk about the picture of me in biochem
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