An hour lost means an elliptical gained

I have a favorite elliptical at the gym.  It's the oldest model, but has the perfect amount of resistance.  I burn a lot of calories, but am still able to walk the next day.  Unfortunately, a few months ago, the gym bought a new machine and replaced one of my favorites with it.  Now, there is only one. 

A man at my gym also loves this elliptical.  He usually goes around the same time I do.  He's a maniac, who uses pedals from an hour straight!  When he gets there first (which happens more often than not), I'm forced to use a newer, more painful machine. 

This weekend, we were graced with Daylight Savings (there's nothing like losing an hour of precious sleep).  However, there was a silver lining.  My mom woke me up at 8.  Well, my clock said 8, but it was actually 9:07.  When I arrived at the gym, it was almost empty.  Best of all, it seemed that the manic man had slept in.