Artist Statement - Hohenstein - Q1

​Charcoal is a classic medium and indisputably the one I am most comfortable with. It smoothes well and thick and leaves part of your art work on your fingers. When you become so accustomed to using just one medium you know the intricacies that it wants and how to bend to its desires and make it work the way you want it to. That is why I find it so easy and fluid to make so many drawings of the same thing. Each time it comes out strangely different than before which is why I never stop doing the same thing. Part of the most interesting thing in this project was how I was able to do the same concept a few times before I felt I had accomplished something. I did two figure drawings, one in color and one in quick sketch charcoal. I felt like they were completely different projects and in a sense they were. I was in a different position and a different paper and medium and model. But the base concept was the same - large figure drawing. It just makes me happy to see how things that are the same concept end up so differently. 

Similarly, I also made three drawings on glass bowls. One was a simple sketch to get the feeling of the material right. The second was with water and a flower to test my use of shapes and dark versus light. The third was a still life of multiple to try my hand at the circles they had as well as glass on top of glass. Again I was in deep admiration of the way that things that would seem so similar can be portrayed so differently.

The pictures came out very small, sorry.