Benchmark Reflection

Chris Cassise

I was able to choose through a variety of laws and cases because of my age at seventeen/eighteen, alot of laws pertain to me in various ways. I am able to also look at taxes since I work and legal rights with school and in our state that effects me. This process was a bit difficult finding positive laws, usually its harder to find positive impacts through the laws that are made. It wasnt hard finding all the cases/laws for all the branches because I can identify with many groups that are effected by laws.

I believe my life will become more affected by the government. Buying houses, holding an actual job, and raising a family brings alot of taxes and other benifits like 401k that you dont have when you are younger. After turning 18, I pertain and follow to every law in the country at that point since I would be an adult. Its obvious that my life will be greatly affected by government. I thought the process of the project was a decent amount of workload over a period of time and I understood the three branches alot clearer and better after doing the project.