Big things

​This quarter in art I decided to paint on the ceiling tiles. I am not sure exactly why I wanted to do it to begin with but as I continued to create blue prints and things like that I noticed that I just wanted to leave an imprint in the school before I graduated next near. By doing so I wanted to show what SLA means to me by painting slogans and things such as that. I cannot draw very well but I can express myself by painting and using words. 
My first process was drawing stuff that didn't divide the classes but bought them closer together. As people realized what I started people who were also in art wanted to join in. By seeing that it made me smile because I did my purpose, I left a footprint in the school for how I want people to feel about each other. I do not if I will continue the project for the next two quarters I plan on starting something else. 

My other part of this quarter I remolded a ring my ring made with her new jewelry labeled called Purpose. The ring is made out of broken glass that was shaved down for safety and three nails that were shaved down as well, but it has a dangerous look. I also used wire and a cut up piece of wine cork that made the circle shape, which you put your ringer through. I love this piece and always wanted to do something with broken glass so I did so.