Chapter 26

Ezinma was sitting on the edge of the compound. Her eyes where red with salty tears. She sat there thinking about her father and the day at the market. The day the District Commissioner had brought Okonkwo’s body to the market. He talked through his interpreter saying how the customs of the Ido where unthinkable. “Who among you would want to be buried but strangers? Who here would want to see a man through into the earth with no care or concern?” everyone was silent. For what could they say. Ezinma and her mother Ekwefi where in the market to get some pal wine for those who where to bury there beloved Okonkwo. Ezinma’s eyes where locked onto her fathers body her ears where perched to hear every word of what the skinny man next to the Commissioner said. Her blood started to boil. How dare they show a man who they already broke in such a demining way? “Who among you know anything of this man?” Ezinma mocked back. “Who know his name? His mother land? Who?” She ran through the crowed. Pushing man and woman out of the way. Her mother watched unknowingly knowing what her miracle child was about to do. The translated looked on at Ezinma in shock. The side of this face was hot with the red mark of Ezinma’s hand. Ekwefi grabbed Ezinma pulling her away from the crowed. “May all the gods that you shouted and disgraced ran down there truth on you.” Ezinmas head was heave. It was hard to keep for leaning of trees. She slowing walked to Okonkwos hut with out looking up. She thought of all of the magic conversation that her father and her had had. All of the unspoken things that they had said to one an other. As she want through the last of her fathers things she found his drinking horn and the last of the clay plates that where in his hut. In the wood Ezinma found writing. It was her fathers. “Ezinma I know you will find this. I am sorry for the pain I have brought you. know that I would not be treated like an animal again. For I am a man. Know that my chi and I have come to pace and I hope one day you will have great sons that are just like your. When you think of me remember the moon and the stars.” The clay broke beneath her feet. At I was the first time she had thought of the old proverb in years. Of how the moon gave birth to the stars, but no one know that the stars where there. Oh little star you are so strong I will bring like to you. so the moon want to the sun and ask for light. The sun agreed and sent the moon more light that it shared with the little star. Now they will know how strong you are. Ezinma found herself on the floor. As the night came to her so did the memories of her father.