"Copy A Master" Johniera's Version


Copy A Master

Artist Statement for "Copy A Master" Project

I choose a simple art piece that was created that I found to be very interesting. Here is the link to the original piece. Clearly the original was made with water based paints, however in order to create my copy I choose to use colored charcoal pastels. This piece was hard to actually replicate so I simply just chosen to put my own twist on it all. 

I started with the swirls of blues. I figured if nothing else the swirls should be the distinctive piece that stays the same. I then followed with the white piece of charcoal pastel to lighten up the piece. The colors of the piece are really bright so white always would tone those colors down. I for the most part chose to use my hands and cotton balls to make smear/smudged effects to piece. I seen it as a repeat of the original pieces's strokes that have been lead into the other colors of piece. It reminded me of it by doing so with my piece. I also chose to use different colors outside of the original piece as well. The hot pink and baby blue for example. I wanted the piece to be brighten up so adding those colors did that justice. 

Overall, I am content with the replica of the "Master's" piece and made sure that I added my own twist to make it my very own.