Douglas Wallace - Why I write

I write because I have to

Life issues haunt us all

So instead of picking up a bottle

I pick up a pen and

Let my story begin...

I write to free my brothas and sistas

My story isn't the only important one

So I will tell the story of June

Suffering from post-love depression

She was never taught this lesson

So she slits her wrist to pour out a confession...

Or for my brotha from another momma 

Who never had a poppa to tell him

How a real man is supposed to act.

It's hard for a mother to play father

And keep food on the table..

So little David sold a brick got locked up

And now by the government she is labled

So when I write I tell their true stories

Like they are fables..

I write to tell a story

It's funny how many people could actually relate

Your fate isn't just your alone..

You would be surprised how many lives

Your pen could save.

I write because this is what I love

No matter what I've gone through

My pen has always been here

My poetry book is my soul

I put my right hand on it 

When I tell the truth..

Writing tells the story of the life I live

I am constantly faces with quandaries that stretch

The boundaries on my tight-knit life.

You can validate my soul by reading my poems..

My book pass no judgement

My pen keeps all my secrets

My mind brings these things together in unison.

I create a 3 dimensional world 

On a 2 dimensional surface

This is why I write..