Favorite Quotes From My Journal

I lived through you and saw what you seen. 

Every picture was different. 

Even if the pose was the same. " (poetry wiki ode).

 " Change can be slow because there is a process that must start, everything doesn't  just get up and change on it's own" (journal # 10 history).

"The word Nigger/Nigga will never be forgotten during the hard ships of when blacks were treated horribly in the old times"(journal #4 english).

"I know something about being myself"(journal #5 english).

"How does it feel to not existence anymore?"

"oxygen should be free for all." (Globalization) 

"Charity is an illness that people are falling on poverty, and dealing with erosion."(Pathologies of Power).

"Woman are mostly in charge"(Learning From Ladakh).