Greetings and Goodbyes in Español

Isn’t it an awkward moment when someone tries to be polite and greet him or herself but you can’t understand what they’re saying because they’re speaking Spanish? Well, now you won’t have that problem because I’m teaching you what they’re saying.

Some basic greetings are hola, buenos días, buenas tardes, buenas nóche, cómo te llamas, qué tal, and adios.


Hola in English is hello


Buenos días in English good morning


Buenas tardes in English is good afternoon


Buenas nóche in English is good night


Cómo te llmas in English is what’s your name


Qué tal in engles is how are you


Adios in engles is goodbye

Imagine there is a new kid in your school who manly speaks Spanish. To be polite you might want to greet yourself in Spanish.

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