Hospital and Nursing Abuse #2

Since my last blog I have found some new interesting information about Hospital and Nursing abuse and neglect. Researchers say that as elders get older, their abusers get impatient because they are unable to see, hear or think as clearly as they used to, which leaves them vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Also since they are too old to stand up to the bullying, and the constant mistreatment which makes it impossible for them to fight back when they are attacked. 
These elders go through many different types of treatments such as physical, emotional, sexual, neglect by care giver and health care fraud and abuse. The signs to look out for when they are physically abused are unexplained injuries such as broken bones, welts or scars. There has also been reports of drug over dose or failure to regular medication use. With the emotional abuse, the elders can end up with a habit of sucking, mumbling to oneself or pick up a habit that wasn't there before. Lastly with the sexual abuse, you would find bruises around the breast or genitals area. Unexplained genital disease or even torn, stained, or bloody underclothing. 
 Besides Nursing/ Elder abuse, there is also hospital abuse. Abuse of these patients can have to do with birth injuries, misdiagnosis, failure to diagnosis cancer, wrongful death, wrong medicine and blood transfusion. 
One case was when an immigrant baby was born with serve brain injuries due to delay in her mother's proper care. She then suffered additional injury. This happened because the hospital didn't take the proper precaution to care for both the mother and the baby. Missed diagnosis is very dangerous. Both misdiagnosis and failure to diagnosis cancer are basically the same in category. Because of such actions, one case a child loss one of their kidneys and has to face a future of diagnosis. With some cases of detecting cancer can become the biggest problem because if they had of diagnosis the patient with cancer, they could have possibly been cured and they would have received the proper care they needed to treat them. As technology increases and our ability to survive cancer increases, the human lives lost from medical errors are also increasing.
Wrongful death is another thing to take precaution into because patients who need watchful care are placed in the ICU but yet they die under suspicious circumstances. Also with wrongful medicine and blood transfusion. In one case, a husband contracted the AIDS virus from a blood transfusion and then later transmitted the virus to his wife before being diagnosed. Lucky they received a multi- million dollar recovery.  
In conclusion, my opinion behind all this is that the way these people mistreat those who need them most, I find to be heartless, cruel and unfair. These patients are patients for a reason. By not helping their causes and taking advantage of those who are unable to protect themselves, shows how horrible the human race can treat each other. If only these people would treat these patients as if it was someone else watching over the ones they cared for a lot, they would see that what they are doing is something they could never make up for in the future and the guilt that they will have to face when they get into their predicament.   
  For further info here's my bibliography.                                                                Also I'm sorry that I am unable to get visuals up. There was an error with my blog.