October 13th, 2434

He lies there. Blood gripping the outline of his body, bold red.

His eyes.

Both eyes open.

His left eye had rotated to the left. About 1.5 centimeters.  His right eye rotated up by 1 centimeter, and to the right about 1. His brain lies 2 feet away from his skull.

Still functioning.

His brain sends waves through the eyes of the body. The brain begins to search back through the memory cells to recall the events. In fatigue, it goes straight to day 1, when the brain developed.


October 13th, 2433


            Jonathon awakes in his bedroom perfectly dosed with sleep and energy for the day. He pushes on the glass box surrounding his bed. The top opens at first touch but Jonathon was in a hurry. He was in a hurry to go to Enhancement Facility. He wanted to be on time to be able to receive his award. He stands on the Transportation Apparatus and selects turbo. Jonathon had no time to waste. As he stepped off the TA he caught a glimpse of himself. Jonathon wouldn’t waste time on anything except for one. And that was himself. He examines himself in the mirror and gives a quick wink. Jonathon is very conceited and has the truth to back it up. “Oh hey Kayla. Yea yea I know its big. I won it just for you”. He says in confidence. He then looks down and thinks of what can go wrong. He can either win the 32nd grade science fair trophy and get the girl, or loose the fair to his nemesis Kevin Muleon. He then shakes off the thoughts reassuring himself that his project will definitely win for he has been studying all year and the neurologic vitamin tablets were a key to his success. He then preceded two steps forward and 5 steps to the right. The halls were narrow and short. He approaches a clear cylinder about 10 feet in height and can fit 2 average people in width. He dials the machine to “light breakfast “ and enters the cylinder. He steps out and gathers his belongings for the Fair and flees out the door.

            As he stepped on the TA he began to feel light headed. His vision came to a blur. His blood pressure was on the rise. His heart racing.


December 30th, 2433

            Jonathon’s parents came to visit him at the hospital. His mother. Short and pudgy. Her complexion so pale as the white cows Jonathon learned about in Enhancement Facility in grade one. Since that day Jonathon called his mother “moo-ma”. But today. Her cheeks were a soft yellow. Her eyes low and sweat covered her face.

“Jonathon is diagnosed with bran cancer…we are not sure exactly…Creutzfedlt… no cure…sorry for your loss…” The voice of the doctor played throughout her mind as she slowly left the hospital. There was no hope for her son. His disease is found one in every million persons and there is no cure. The protein in the brain mixed with unwanted prions causing his brain to slowly deteriorate. One cell killing 10 every minute.



January 1st, 2434

            Jonathon has entered a coma.


January 2nd, 2434

            Jonathon awakes from his coma. His eyes have changed from a brown to a light hazel. The diagnostics made by the doctor turned out to be wrong. Actually, it was a complete opposite. Jonathon’s brain cells were actually developing and reconstructing themselves. He develops brain cells 10 times faster than an average human. He bursts out of the wires hooked onto his body. As he arose from the bed his face showed no expression. The veins on his temples were pulsating. His body moving but not with his intention. His mind has taken complete control of the body. With one glance Jonathon changes the walls in the room to dust. His body then moves towards the control center of the city.


As he levitated across the city windows shattered, buildings were collapsing and the ground shook. The frequencies sent from the brain have taken an inhumane toll. As he approached the control center his eyes changed from hazel to clear. The brain was attempting to reach the city’s control tower. The tower was capable of communicating on a global level. Once the tower was under the brains possession he can control the world. The amount of destruction the brain caused left no chance for any army to stop him. Within minutes the brain used the tower to gain complete control of all humans in the world.


February 3rd, 2434

            It has been one month. The brain is commanding the world and reconstructing the environment, creating monuments devoted to Jonathon.


October 13th, 2434

            Jonathon’s brain continues to develop. In size and in strength. Jonathon’s brain is growing by the minute. Jonathon’s skull was not. The brain soon began to push against the top of the skull. As the pressure increased Jonathon began to feel pain. Every bone, every nerve, and every muscle in his body felt as though electrocuted simultaneously. The top of his head began to tear starting from the back of the neck to his far head. Jonathon falls to the ground and his brain rolls out of his skull. The brain has exactly 24 hours to stay functioning. With no legs or arms there was no possibility for the brain to find an alternative body.