Large Clear Object; Glass Vase

Large Clear Object

Glass Vase

Artist Statement for Large Clear Object

A more grandiose size of the clear object drawing I made from First Quarter, I decided to use similar methods to get to the product I have today. Again, the glass vase was more complex then what I believed it was. However, I did manage to make the glass vase appear to be clear on paper.

I used a very particular method of staring at the glass vase for several  minutes.  Then using the black charcoal to make an outline of what I've seen and smearing it with tissue to have a smudge affect. With shading, darkening spaces and erasing countless amounts of times I then found the perfect blend of color for the object to come out to appear as if it was clear. I did bump into some barriers while working on it such as the proportion. I managed to fix that by simply turning the paper around and making the one side the top of the vase and the other the bottom. As seen with the photo taken of the glass vase, it is apparent that the top is bigger than the bottom. Which would make sense looking at the vase at a eye level. 

I've grown to be very content with the clear vase I have created on paper. The amount of time put into making the vase appear to be clear on paper shows throughout this piece of art and I am happy for that.