Late Birthday Present

Today my uncle called and asked me what I wanted as a late birthday present. (My birthday was in February.) As always I told him nothing, that he didn't have to d that, knowing that he would just ask again. My rule is usually say no twice or thrice and then if they ask again say yes. Because honestly, who doesn't want awesome gifts and favors?
Whenever someone says "Naw, I'm ok." they are lying to you, they are just waiting for you to ask a second or third time so they can say yes. So... if you are one of those people who doesn't ask again after they say no the first time, you need to stop doing that.
Anyway so after my Uncle asked the third time I told him some things that I like or really want. I told him my favorite things in the world are:

-strange, but good smelling body washes with pretty colors and little beads in them
-strange, but good smelling hand soaps that are in odd shapes and colors with little bits of nature in them
-really smooth writing pens by Uni-ball or Precision, my favorite Uni-ball type being Vision Exact and my favorite pen colors being purple, orange, and red
-really cool designed socks, like argyle or stripes or checkers or with snowmen
-school supplies that involve superheros such as folders or notebooks or pencils

And that is what I told my uncle. I didn't think this was very strange, but apparently it is, because he just started laughing after that for a really, really long time until I guess he noticed I didn't get the joke and was like "Oh... you're serious... wow you are weird. OK, package coming shortly!" Then he hung up the phone before I got a chance to respond. :(