Letter of Advice

Dear Irene, 

Ok, so um, you need to get yourself together. You need to stop getting yourself between problems that have nothing to do with you and you need to get away from Clare! You’re doing nothing but putting oil to the fire.

To begin, I know that you and Clare are like best friends, die hard, positive and negative energy bonded magnets. But I am going to be completely honest with you, and give you reasons why you need to separate from her. I need you to listen clearly, it’s almost like I am reading your life, almost like a book!

First, you and I both know, Clare is passing. This is something that you cannot play around with, and this is something you need to avoid. She is acting like someone she isn’t and if people know that you knew that she is African American, there can be very bad consequences.  It’s almost like you have an ultimatum. It’s either you tell the community about Clare’s TRUE identity, or you leave it a secret, and hope for the best. But heed that there are consequences involved.