Michael Hall Perspective drawing

2011-04-05 11.46.27
2011-04-05 11.46.27
This is my perspective drawing of the back wall.


In this project we had to learn some key things. One of those were the focus point. The focus point is drawn on the horizon line. The horizon line is draw from left to right on the piece of paper. The focus point is where all the things being drawn are drawn to. When things are drawn closer to the focus point the farther away they seem. That is true vice versa. Once we were done drawing we had to draw a box that would soon be the window. That was drawn by using the focus point as the origin point. Then you had to decide how long the tile spaces were going to be depending on how many tiles there are. Once that was done you had to decide how far the window was going to go down by using your keen eye. Once that was done all we had to do was draw everything you saw and detail it.


The easiest thing for me to learn was the concept of how to draw things that come out 3-d. For example when I was drawing the wall there was a part of it that came out of the wall. All I did was follow the vertical lines that came down from the ceiling.


The hardest part for me to learn was the math part of this assignment. What made it hard was that we used real math words in this learning process. To understand these terms you had to understand math. 

​Jovan Lewis 

Comment - Your picture is really drawn well. I like how the doors is drawn well coming off the wall.