Nailah Adam Q3 Art Projects

My Final painting:

IMG_20110408_140519 (1)

Other Abstract Expressionism paintings:

This quarter in our Art class, our main focus was working with pencil and charcoal and learning new skills. We developed basic skills of drawing hands, self portraits, clear bottle drawings, etc. There were many strengths of this quarter's projects. One was the effort we all put in it. We all work hard and tediously to complete our projects. Below, are all of our projects
. For our last project of the marking period we were asked to ​do something involving art history.I chose to draw a 6hour drawings from art history that reflects the inspiration and the theme of spring. I was inspired by abstract expressionism. The paintings up this time included multiple shapes and colors. Above is the final product. 

Pencil hand drawing
2011-01-19 09.12.572011-01-19 09.13.162011-01-21 14.01.582011-01-21 14.02.23-1
self portrait drawing(s)
2011-02-09 09.10.442011-02-09 09.10.302011-02-09 09.11.03

24x36 full figure
2011-02-23 08.25.372011-02-23 08.26.09
8x10 still life
2011-02-23 08.45.212011-02-25 14.13.132011-02-25 14.13.272011-02-25 14.13.38
12x18 clear bottle drawing
2011-03-02 09.16.372011-03-04 13.28.232011-03-04 13.29.152011-03-04 13.29.25
24x36 clear bottle
2011-03-09 09.18.032011-03-09 09.18.282011-03-09 09.18.432011-03-11 13.56.29