New and Improved slide ! By Karoline Castillo

What I learned from the constructive feed back is that you don`t want to make your slide too tacky. Keep the slide percise and to the point. Also i learned not to put too many words on it. The audience does`t want to read a bunch of nothing, or get bored, so only put up what you want them to see. Make the color of your background match your picture, and pick solid colors. When you present i learned that you have to use the vocabulary, and you MUST wear your lab coat, talk to your classmates not Miss Hull ! I changed my slide completely. I made the picture bleed of the side to make it more interesting, and i took out all of the words and just added my name so my classmates won't get bored reading. I used black and white because i like the classic look to it, and the picture had a lot of white so a black background would make the pictures pop and stand out.
New slide