Nursing Home & Hospital Abuse

In my 9th grade English class, we were given a project on World issue for our “You and the World” project. I will be displaying 3 blogs, this will be the first blog. For my Q4 benchmark I will be discussing the issue about nursing home and hospital abuse. This will be dealing with both elders and children patients.

The issue is that, around the world many patients have been abused by hospital staff and nursing staff for years. Not only have they been physically abused but also mentally and emotionally.From what I know about this issue is that most of the patients have been mistreated in all types of ways such as being unfed and not being bathed. Most stories have been told but others have not.

        The thing that made me interested in this topic is from a book that I read called “A child called it”. It was a true story about a young boy being abused by his mother. The only difference is that it didn’t take place in a hospital or a nursing home, though it still inspired me to do more abuse cases and to learn more. Another thing that made me interested is the fact that this isn’t a very popular topic and this is one that most people don’t take into much consideration. I want everyone to see just how these hospitals cared for their patients and how the survivors dealt with the torturing they had to face each day they were in there. I want to do more research to see if it is still taking place as strongly as it was before and to look more deeply into the lives of victims that had to go through these acts.

For more info, here's one of my bibliographies.

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Klarissa Hudson (Student 2015)
Klarissa Hudson

I noticed that you stayed on track and flowing throughout the whole blog. Fantastic subject to blog about. I wonder if you can go deeper in what you want to know and more of how you feel about the subject. What if the pictures were more spread out in your blog?

Leah Kelly (Student 2015)
Leah Kelly

I noticed that this a very unique topic, and it made me really interested to learn more about it. Also, the images at the bottom are really powerful. I wonder how many people in nursing homes and hospitals have admitted to being abused. If so, in what ways they were actually abused (specific examples)? What if next time, you scattered more visuals throughout your post to make it enticing to the eye. Also, I would remove the first paragraph since it isn't necessarily relavent to your issue.