Pipeline Monologue Project

​This project was to get different people opinion on the pipeline and how they see and view how it effects people and the economy. Through this monologue I wanted people to see the thoughts of the people on on the pipeline and how it effects them. The issues I wanted people to see was the pros and cons of this pipeline.

The Story No One Hears

*As Obama walks into the pressroom. He looks in the solemn faces of the people in the room and he feels sorrow*

My people hear me speak as a person not as the president talking into a microphone and listen to me and think of me as one of you. I, Obama have heard the concerns about the pipeline. But everyone puts the blame on me. But no one knows the back-story … my story of this pipeline. I do everything for this country and I try to do what is right but it can never be enough. As soon as anything goes wrong everyone points the finger at me. I try and try but I can do no right. If I have to have millions of people to hate me even though I am doing what is right for this economy so be it. If I have to ignore the screams and cries of the world because of this pipeline then I have to. If I have to look at people in the tearful eyes saying I have to do what is right for the economy and put their feelings aside then I’ll do it. But no one knows the guilt I have to face every time I open my eyes to a new day and close my eyes to end one. My family supports me in every decision I make. But I am afraid that they wont be able to look at me after the decision I make. My children will be ashamed to call me their father. This is my true horror. I’ll just sit and put in my headphones and close my eyes to blur out the screams and the tears of what this pipeline will do to people. If I have to live with guilt on my hands forever. So be it. But in the end I hope people don’t look at me as a monster but a person who try to do something right. 

Bryon E Hancock

One thing can destroy everything. 

·      He walks up to the stage of the assembly in his town and looks at everyone will a sad face with his family looking at him in the front row*

 The tar sands pipeline. People surveying my land and mumbling to each other. Those images have been staying in my head for many months on and on. How can the president just do this? How can he do this to his people? Why this land? Why does he have to kill the land I live on just for this pipeline? What did I do to deserve this sad life? All these questions just stay in my head and will never have an answer. This pipeline will destroy this land I have lived on for 15 years of my life. My family grew up on this land. I want my children to love this land and learn about when they grow up. I want my children to inherit this land. Why is one pipeline is going to take that all away from me. It will leave my family with out our home and my children without any memories of where they lived. My children will grow up and never see the land they lived on.  How can one pipeline people say with better us but is it taking away so much? Why else will it take in the years coming? What will our children have to look forward to? What state will our ecosystem be in? The tar sands pipeline is a nightmare that appeared in front of me. The nightmare of tar sands pipeline appeared on my doorstep and hasn’t left since. Will this nightmare ever end? Will it ever get better from here on?

Michel C.Weerd

 The good of the future

 *Walks on the stage full of protestors who doesn’t want the pipeline*

I have seen and heard the people voices of this pipeline but nobody sees what better it can do for our lives. People need to see the state this economy is in. We are so close to having a second depression. And people are protesting this pipeline? Why are they so selfish? Ok what if this pipeline doesn’t happen and we go down to an economic slump. What can the protesters do now? Absolutely nothing. With this oil we can look towards a new future and new beginnings. We can looks towards a brighter future. We can stop out dependence on foreign oil and stop this war over oil perhaps. All these points you just heard are the pros of this pipeline and obviously the pros outweigh the cons. This pipeline will be for the better and everyone needs to see that. Stop bashing the pipeline and see what good it will bring to this economy. This will make all the problems we have today disappears. We need this pipe like no one knows. This could be a better brighter future for us Americans. So protestors need to put their feelings aside and see the bigger better future. They need not to so selfish and see that this will affect many people lives for the better then the worse. This pipeline will fix everything and create many jobs, which we Americans are lacking and this can fix our downfall in the jobs area. We need this pipeline more then it needs us. With this pipeline the economy will hit a all time high. So people need to change their thought on protesting this pipeline.