Q1 Benchmark Reflection - Brianna Perrin


People in jail who are serving prison sentences should not be give the right to vote in elections. Prisoners should lose their rights to vote when they have committed crimes and are serving prison sentences. We believe that voting is a given right. When elections are coming up it is optional to go to the election polls and choose whether or not you want to vote. Even though it is highly recommended it is optional. Since it is an option and a right to choose what we want to do, prisoners have that option and right revoked from them for disrupted and assaulting the rights and laws in the Amendments and Constitution. When they break the law they are proving to themselves, the law, and the people that they are not productive members in their society. And when they aren’t productive members in their society, what contribution will they do when they are determining mayors in our cities to picking the new leader of our country.

In the beginning of the process there was only two people who were present, so we just decided to bounce off an idea that involved family members of friends. So it was personal but also something that we had a strong opinion about.

The role of the individual in creating and sustaining change is learning the background before making the change to determine whether the change is drastic or minor. 

My understanding of the electoral process and whether or not the US is a democracy evolved during this unit is that not everything is far when it comes to government. What might be right for one person could be totally wrong or doesn't work for another person.

How I best relay a message to a national audience in my marketing campaign is by making  it aware to people across the nation. So my group decided to make a twitter page talking about these issues and giving an insight to a more major issue.