Q2 Benchmark Reflection

To decide which laws, cases and offices I would include in my project, I sat down and constantly thought about what effected me as a student, a teenager, a child in a household of 10, a U.S citizen, and as a resident of Pennsylvania/ Philadelphia. I also searched general topics on court case decisions/ laws/ bureaucratic offices that affect teens. I searched cases by topic on websites like oyez.com and uscourts.gov.  Deciding which laws, cases, and offices affected me was the most difficult part of the process. Because I had to choose laws and etc that currently affect me, I was trying to find very specific laws, and that proved useless. My mind constantly visited the laws and departments that have recently affected me, and how they’d be great things to write about, but because the instructions were to identify laws and etc that currently effect me, I felt stuck with “boring” or more simpler laws to choose from.


There is no doubt in my mind that my life will be more affected by the government as I get older. In only a few months, I’ll be legally responsible for myself, and that will apply a new set of laws to me. In years, I will be buying a house, or paying bills, or getting married and all of those actions involve the government.

This project has helped me realize that the government does not only affect those that vote for the officials. I’ve always known that the government interacts with each citizen in many ways, but this project has helped me pinpoint specific laws, offices, and court cases that affect me personally.