Q2 media Fluency Wendy

What I did about my slide, is that I wrote a few words about me in my favorite color and also that describes me, I also put a picture of me, to show how I do. I put a Mexican flag on my slide because people think I am Asian but i am not.I put red hair dyed because I love dyeing my hair when I am bored and one of my favorite colors is red. I also put a dog on my slide because I love dogs and every kind of animal and I also have two dogs. I put a piercing on my slide because I have my lip pierced and I think its pretty cool. One of my favorite stores is Hot Topic they have awesome stuff and sometimes have what I like; jeans, shirts (with cool writing on them) , another favorite of mine is Hollister I love that store even if they have high prices but there clothes are nice. I have Hello Kitty because she is awesome and so cute, and I just love it !


about me slide