Revolution Guidebook Project

In this unit we learned about revolutions from various time periods. We started out learning about the French Revolution. Before going on to learn about more recent revolutions like the Arab Spring. We also looked at the situation in Ukraine and discussed the developments going on in there revolution. For our Benchmark (our final project that ties up the unit) we looked at three different revolution and came up with a question about revolutions in general. Then we made a digital story that looks at the revolutions and answers the question.
For my benchmark I choose to look at the leaders of the revolution. I learned that with more knowledge and ideas placed on the internet for almost everyone to see, the requirements for being a leader seem to have been lowered. While back to the time of the french revolution a leader needs to study and plan for the best ways to rally the people. However now with all the information that is out for the world to see, all a leader needs to be today, is to be someone to act on this knowledge and rally people together. 

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Zack Hersh (Student 2016)
Zack Hersh

Very informative and follows a good structure. The only thing I would do is keep the list of bad leadership habits on the screen longer and maybe read some of them, and mention a couple of examples of Gene Sharp's nonviolent methods. Good job!