Revolution Guidebook Project

In Mr. Block's tenth grade history class, we have been studying revolutions. We started the unit with an in depth research project about the French and Haitian Revolution where we role played people from the time era (people such as peasants, the king and queen, and the second estate). The class then watched some of the film The Square. The Square introduced us to the ideas of revolutions and how and why they form today. By reading passages from a book about the Arab Springs, we were able to get first-hand accounts from people native to Yemen, Libya, and Egypt. 

We were lucky that during our revolution unit there is a revolution occurring in Ukraine. I became interested in studying social media's impact on revolutions when I met a girl through tumblr, a social media platform. There was a post going around that mentioned the conditions in her country and a lot of people saw this post, spreading information about a topic that many people didn't know about - myself included. When we were given this project I decided on social media because I knew there was an impact. I looked further into this on tumblr and found many people who were sharing their feelings on the Ukrainian Revolution, Euro Maiden. Now I was certain there was an impact of social media on revolutions and the way ideas spread. 

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Heaven Mendez (Student 2016)
Heaven Mendez

This is really, really, really good. Especially how you used the tumblr page as a main source for information. You must've put a lot of work into this, it really shows. :)