School Closing #2

   Hello, welcome back. I’m just going to give a brief review over what I talked about in my last blog. (Click here to review Blog #1)

   In the last blog I talked about my You and the World project and what current event I was going to talk about, Closing of Schools in Philadelphia. I talked about how many schools would be closed by 2017 and what was the reason for the closing. I also told you a little bit of my opinion and I showed you two news reports on schools closing.

   I didn’t get as much information as I wanted but here’s what I learned:

·      Public school’s had lost 50,00 student because they all went to charter schools

·      The Philadelphia School District held community hearings around Philadelphia discussing weather to shut down the nine schools (Drew, FitzSimons, Harrison, Levering, Pepper, High School for Business, Sheppard, Sheridan West, and E.M. Stanton).

·      Their reason for closing Stanton & Sheppard is they are small, they educate on low in – come, and they’re both old buildings (the schools will need a lot of repairing to do)

   The only thing I have to say about this is, how is the future going to be for the next generation that come up and schools getting shut down?

   As you read this I bet you wondered, so how can we prevent this from happening? I only have one word to tell you. Protest. We could discuss with the school district how this would be a negative effect towards children (this is in the first blog). 

I also found a picture of how they are closing nine schools:



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