The African Perspective

    The Ibo is a small group/community in Africa. The two places where this culture mainly coincides in Umuofia and Mbanta. Many of the people here stick together through many situations, good or bad. They are very strict and serious about this culture. For instance, there was a man named Okonkwo. There was a little town meeting in the air, where he shot into the air and the most unfortunate event occurred, a young boy was killed. Now of course he did not kill the child on purpose, but he got the chi mad. The chi is the god of the Ibo culture. And since he was banned for the seven years, he was considered an efulefu, which in other words is a worthless man.

         Secondly, the relationships of all of the people in the Ibo tribe in Umuofia and Mbanta are very strong. Again, that can go back to the event of when the little boy was called, but here it is described into further detail. Many of the men were know as the hunters/protectors. They were the ones that would go out on a daily basis and receive supplies for the families to stay supported and get through the days. The men were known to not be afraid of blood, and had to be tough. The women of the other hand were completely different. The women could be placed under the soft and innocent categories. They were known for staying home and keeping everything together for the family. Also the women would segregate themselves into their own little groups and socialize, then at night tell metaphorical stories about animals.