Til Death Do Us Part

          Well I guess this it. It’s a wrap. I’m doing the right thing, Ma says it’s about time that I settle down. Who am I playin’? Ma’s not marrying this chick, I am. *Splashes face with water* C’mon Ty, whatchu sayin’? She is beautiful, she got brains...she is faithful. I’m blessed. *Looks at reflection* My ex’s I haven’t talked to in years, are blowin’ up my phone. Talkin’ bout some, ‘I’ll be damned if I see anotha chick on yo arm’. Well alright B. The boys say I’m crazy. They bet bread that I won’t last 6 months before going back to my sideline. Is that it? Am I foldin’? *Begins tying his tie* Na, its just that I been barely gettin’ by on my own, my check book is getting tight. *Ties the tie too tight* But I know if anything, she’ll help. That’s what all this marriage hype is ‘bout, right? *Loosens tie* All I know is, I promise I won’t be like my pops. Like my boy Cole said I refuse to bring my boy or my girl in this world when I ain’t got shit to give ‘em, and I’m not with these other boys who be knocking girls up and skate out. It’s a cold world.

          Her girls have been pipin’ this day up since I got one knee and became more of a man. I apologized to her already for the small wedding, we just don’t got have the money we need. But I followed up with a promise, that after things chill out we can renew our vows the right way. There ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed of, unlike some of my bros I’m alive. That’s somethin’ to celebrate. I clean up nice, I mean look at me. *Looks in the mirror* I would kill for them to see me here. To see her. *Tighter* Her pop doesn’t seem to like me too much. I’m not surprised though. A single black man, with a high school diploma, making minimum wage is always a target. On the flipside, her ma’s been callin’ me son since we met. I guess it’s mother’s instinct *Loosens*. 2 minutes until I’m out there, with her. And that’s all that matters, me and her. We doing this together. When I asked her to marry me, she said yes. She made it clear, she trusts me, my ride or die. I’ve let down too many people in my life, and she won’t be one of them. *Straightens suit out* I’m ready for this. 

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