Hello all, it had been a while. In this time I have been looking over my last blog and finding more information that I can share with you on fracking. This time around I figured I would give you some pros and cons about fracking. Although fracking is incredibly bad for the environment, there are some good aspects. Fracking requires people to run the drills, and transport the sand, chemicals and water, because of this fracking makes jods. Another pro is that there are plenty of shale wells in the U.S., so, we don't have to be dependant on foreign countries, here is a map of the shale wells if you would like a visual.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 2.37.53 PM

The only other pro is that natural gas is the cleanest burning gas, but seeing how it puts out more emissions than coal, it is not that big of a pro.

The list of cons seems to be fairly endless, hydraulic fracturing uses tons of water, potatoes tons of water, and the companies don’t even have to tell us what they put in the water. People have also have claimed that it creates earthquakes, but it has not been confirmed scientifically, so it is not the strongest point. I focused on cons a lot in my first blog, and I don’t think you want to read the same thing twice, so let me show you a video one of the shale companies made.
I would like to point out how they point out all the protective casing that they use to protect any chemicals from escaping and getting into the water, but the vertical part of the process is not the problem. The horizontal part of the drilling is the issue. The cracks made in the shale rock to extract the natural gas is the cause for the chemicals to get into the water. You don’t want to put casing into them, because that will block the natural gas from getting out. They also use sand to prop it open the cracks, so that gas can flow out, but they don't point out how easily chemicals flow out and into peoples drinking water.
Now I must admit that the video is very convincing. after seeing it I was curious to know if people were educated about fracking, and how they felt about it. to find this out I made a survey. if you would like to answer my three easy questions click here. Everyone who has taken my survey have heard of hydraulic fracturing, and are against it. This is good, and I can't wait to see what your opinion is!
The next part of my project is to find something I myself can do to help prevent fracking or  raise awareness. Having as many people as possible take the survey will be of extreme help to me, because it will give me a sense, of what I have accomplished from my blogs, and what steps I still need to take. I am still brainstorming for what I will do for my third, and final post, but luckily, I have plenty of time, but I know that this time will fly buy. I only hope that my project can truly make a difference, and that fracking can become a thing of the past.

To see my annotated bibliography, click here