A Samurai's Way

Richard V. Yoeun


“Samurai’s Way”

Character(s): Asura (main)

Setting: 1800’s, Tokyo, Japan, Zen Garden

I will be successful, as a General of the 4th battalion, trained to be the highest ranked and best men around. Striking upon millions to know our wrath. Japan may be a country in which we battle with the upmost respect, One on One combat to see which is superior, but when it comes to my people, I will battle to the best I can do to make sure we all go on living. 

(Pulls out Katana) This Katana has spared so many lives, but slain so many without mercy. The sharpness of the blade runs through a human body like a hot blade through butter. The thousands of lives you took and yet you have not one bit of guilt within your thoughts.

Yasha!! Where are you? Odd, no response. He usually is around here somewhere. Yasha!!!! Where are you?! I need to talk to you about our later plans of attack against China, bring Wyzen with you too.

(There is no answer.)

Hmm... Where have those two disgraces gone? Wyzen!?! Yasha?!? ANYONE!!!!!! Bitter silence is going to test my patience. 

(Walks into the Garden) 

Where are.... no... How can this be? My two greatest generals... Dead. I will find who has done this. I will slain them slowly and painfully. My blade will slice every bit of their body without a bit of skin left unharmed...  (Tears come down) My best friends gone.I have two choices. Join them or avenge them. It was my duty to watch upon them, a simple task to protect them and I screwed it up!!! Why can’t I accomplish this task that was very important to my army and myself?

(Sits in the garden)

What is it to take the life of those you care about and not those you hate most? There’s no need to fight anymore... Yeah that’s it, I should stop with all my terrorizing. Maybe I should just become a broker or whatever I could put my skills into. Better yet! Maybe I can go back to my wife and daughter!!!  Durga and Mithra... I love those two. My Beautiful Wife Durga, she’s my complete other half. Not to forget my Beautiful lil’ bundle of joy... Mithra! I love that girl, just my sunshine. Maybe going back isn’t a bad decision what so ever, might be look upon as a failure perhaps. No... I can’t... Not go back... 

It ends here... This is what i strive to live for and all I do. Great ancestors please forgive the judgment for I will lay my.... life.

(Stabs sword through Heart)

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Micah Getz (Student 2015)
Micah Getz

This was… wow. I guess honorable suicide was pretty much spur of the moment. The concept was awesome, and the writing and physical instructions were done awesomely as well.