Adam Cavalier Senior Capstone

For my capstone project, I decided to create a Youtube channel. I started out with a Youtube channel in my sophomore year of high school. I did not take it seriously because I didn’t care all that much about it. By junior year, I was trying my best to create and upload original videos to my greatest ability. Having my Youtube channel be my capstone made me feel very obligated to work hard on the content that I was putting out. 
When I first started really taking it seriously this year, I began to realize how hard Youtube can really be. You can spend so much time on a video and put your heart out into it and only see the video get a very minimal amount of views and likes while a video you may have just “piled up together” racked up tons of views and likes. The Youtube community is a very strange one. Throughout the process of making videos, I was trying to figure out what people would like to watch. But i had to learn that you are never going to make everybody happy. So, I decided to upload the content that I wanted to. If people liked it, great. If they didn’t, then it didn’t matter to me. I was also getting a lot of comments about video ideas that I should be doing. I actually did look at these comments and applied them to my videos in the process of making the videos I wanted to. 

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