An adoptive boundry

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Aldo Caushaj (Student 2017)
Aldo Caushaj

Great Job the interview was really good and it made it even better sense was a sensitive subject but you were able as question but not offend in anyway and still get great answer.

Chiara Nemati (Student 2017)
Chiara Nemati

Great Job! You were able to get all of the sides of the story and get deep and thoughtful answers. You made sure to ask questions that are intriguing to the listener and provoked the interviewee.

Arianna Haven (Student 2017)
Arianna Haven

Really nice interviews! I could tell that it was kind of a touchy subject, but you were still able to get really nice insight into both the interviewees lives. I think that the sound quality could have better, and I would have enjoyed some music.

Benjamin Fink (Student 2017)
Benjamin Fink
  1. I like how the interview was an interactive conversation more than a narration.

  2. I like how most of the questions invoke profound, emotional answers and reflections.