“Are We Food? Or Are We Hunters?”

Year 875 : “What are they?!?” 

On a melancholic day, it didn’t seem like an ordinary day in the City of Epsilon, the weather was different. It felt humid, but did not stick to the skin. It was hot but no one was sweating. It gave a distinct feeling, as if something was going to happen. It was another day making of guns and swords for the armies. Jake Jaeger was the son of a well known blacksmith in the city, making weapons for the royal guards and the entire army force of the city. Jake was a bit of a blacksmith himself, but lacked patience. He would complain when doing his work due to the way he would hit the swords and it would be too brittle or sometimes too hard. Jake was only skilled in the art of swords making, but one weakness he did have was fighting with the swords. He lack the balance and aggressiveness that is required for sword fighting. Violet on the other hand is the talented one of the family, she depicts the “Warrior’s Spirit”. She practices with the weaponry that she can get her hands on, from guns to swords and hand to hand combat. She was more on the practical side then the theoretical.  Their eldest Brother, Gerard Jaeger, is the Commander of the Royal Army fleet that lives on the outer city limits. He is the one that is assigned the most dangerous job, to scale the city‘s wall to see if there is any danger afoot. On a regular assignment, Gerard was scaling the wall, he seen these two towering creatures. This was something like no other. The stretched out mouth reaching from end to end on their face giving off a freakish smile. Their body formations one similar to humans except they have no flesh. Muscles, tendons, and blood in sight. They seemed to be following a heard of cattle in which one picks up a cow and rips it in half to drink it’s blood and devours it whole. The other screams which echoes like a banshee’s screech, deafening the ears of Gerard. He hurries towards the alert bell and rings it. Doing that alerts the people of the outer city, but also alerts the creatures at the distance. They scream and begin to charge the city’s wall. 

From that fateful moment, that was when humanity had changed. Jake and Violet Jaeger were teenagers when they first encountered this unknown menace. Their eldest brother, Gerard Jaeger, was kill by one of these beasts. Gerard was trying to save civilians that were cornered by one of the beasts on the outside of the wall in which he sacrificed himself to save the civilians. Jake seen his brother get eaten, the beast chomped down on the lower part of Gerard’s body. Gerard yelled to Jake with his last words, “Kill... kill them to protect the people.” After his last exchange of words, the creature chomped the connection of his neck and head. Gerard’s head went flying towards Jake. That was then when the Jaeger’s life had changed. 

Jake and Violet’s mother died of a heart disease when they were younger, their father was barely around due to the absence of him gathering new materials for blacksmithing. Their father was never around a lot. Threfore Gerard took the fatherly figure to both Jake and Violet. Now that was all gone. 

Jake and Violet had to go without a guardian influencing their life for a long time after Gerard’s death. Their father was no where to be found and they didn’t know how to take care of themselves. They knew the needed necessities but the emotional comfort was something that kept them on their feet. They didn’t look at their friends the same way, their smiles slowly faded into grins of shame and regret. Jake still remembers when Gerard died, haunting him at night in his dreams, blaming himself for not doing anything. Violet crying silently in hopes that she can see her older brother again, that hope is long gone. Jake looks to Violet and says “ It’ll be alright, we have each other. You heard what brother said. He would want us to join the military so we can take vengeance on those god forsaken things. We must kill them all or die trying.” Jake said that with much rage in his eyes, as if he was looking through Violet’s soul and gripped it in a fiery chokehold. Violet took on Jake’s words and agreed, “Lets do it... for Gerard.” 

For the rest of their days, they began training with the weapons that were in their father’s abandoned workshop. Toying with the weapons and made their very specific own. Jake made a large sword that has a weighted tip for little resistance when swinging, and Violet a specially balanced rifle that can only fire titanium shelled bullets for maximum damage. Their baptism of vengeance has happened, now they are ready to fulfill their brother’s wish. 

Year 886 : “It is Finished.” 

It’s been 11 years since humanity was on their verge of annihilation. Now, Jake graduated from Military School and rose in the ranks of soldiers. He has been emotionally scarred ever since that day and kept in his mind what Gerard said to him. Violet on the other hand has been very quiet, like she took the Vow of Silence ever since Gerard died. There isn’t much communication between the siblings, but there is an understanding when things go wrong. Jake and a couple other soldiers were on a routine mission to go outside of the wall to kill the 2 creatures that attacked the city a while back. The creatures would be heard screaming at the distance at night, then try to rush the wall in the mornings, but is fended off with gun fire. Now it was Jake’s turn to finally take revenge on the creatures for killing Gerard and the civilians. It was a group of 10 soldiers, 4 took the front flank to distract the beasts, 4 soldiers went to the left and right of the creatures to set the rope trap and Jake and Violet followed behind the creatures after they were to be distracted. 

The 4 soldiers in the front sounded horns. The creatures were aware of their existence and ran towards them. The soldiers criss-crossed so the creatures would be disoriented, while the left and right groups of 2 circled with the ropes to tangle the creatures feet. Violet shot her blunderbuss at both the creatures at the time, the metal pellets were incased in titanium shelling and the force brought both the creatures to the ground. Jake followed through with a clean slice of his blade on one of the creature’s head but the other still intact. The neck did not cut cleaning off and so the creature got pissed and began to roll around, crushing the left flank of soldiers for they were caught in the ropes. The creature began to scream and yell, until Violet severed it’s head with 2 more shots of her blunderbuss. The creatures were dead. It was Jake and Violet’s first kill ever. They didn’t understand the feeling going through their bodies. They knew what they did was right, and it will change who they were for the rest of their lives. The siblings return to the city. Multiple screams were heard coming from all directions...

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Klarissa Hudson (Student 2015)
Klarissa Hudson

Where's the rest of the story!!! Richard you left us hanging. I loved your story and it was very interesting. The difference in the characters is realistic which I liked. Didn't the siblings fail to accomplish their brother's dying wish to protect the civilians? Sad but epic at the same time.