Art Gallery

My inspiration of art is very unique and random at the same time. I spent a lot of time contemplating on what do draw and what medium to use. I started off with making a logo of OVO (October's Very Own - a Canadian record label founded by Drake). I've always wanted to make something related to that label and I ended up making an intriguing piece which is eye-catching and unique. My next step was to pick my drawing of my own choice. Since I'm a nature loving person I decided to do something related to animals and nature and tried to capture the essence of both of it. My third step was to make bats out of paper. My final step was to make a portrait of myself. I made it very simple, I started off with sketching and then edited my artwork on Photoshop to color it and give more details. I was expecting it to be something different. Overall I learned a lot in this quarter regarding how to manage my time,