Becoming Chloe(Independent Reading Project)

True colors

This song is about finding yourself, and although in the book Jordan and Chloe are searching for the good in the world, they also find themselves. They help each other find themselves.

Hold On

Jordan and Chloe had hard lives before they met each other. Jordan was put down every by his family for being who he was. And all Chloe has seen in her life is evil. But they made through those tough times. And the hard times, helped them enjoy the good. This song is all about holding out through the bad times, so you know witch moments are the good ones.

How to love

Chloe experiences heartache all through out here life. She never knew what it felt like to be loved by someone, who didn't just want her for her body. But Jordan shows chloe that there it is possible for her to be loved.

I Was Here

As chloe and Jordan travel across the country, they leave a pice of them selves everywhere they go. Everyone they met they either leave or gain a new out look on the world.


Chloe forgot who she was. She lost the happiness that made her who she was. So it was up to Jordan to help bring her back from her depression, by showing her the good and beauty in the world.

Carry On

Even though Jordan and Chloe face many difficulties on their trip across country they face many difficulties, they never give up on trying to see the beauty in the world.

Reasons for song choice:
Ordinary Day

I included this song in my playlist because it was made for chloe. She spent her whole life in the clouds. Seeing only the things she wants to see. And she helps Jordan she the world the way she sees it, as he helps her see the world for the best place it can be.

Thousand Miles

I added this song because Jordan and Chloe took a break form the world. And that time didn't exist where they were.

You Got A Friend in Me

I feel this song represents Jordan and Chloe's friendship. They are always there for each other no matter what. From the moment they met, they have always had each other's backs, no matter witch situation they were in.

Becoming ChloeBecoming Chloe by Catherine Ryan Hyde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Becoming Chloe" is a Young Adult novel ,by Catherine Ryan Hyde, about Jordan (Jordy) and Chloe and their journey as they search for the beauty in the world. As the story begins Jordan is alone in the world. Cast out by his family for being Gay, he is living in the basement of a deserted building in New York, NY. One night he hears noises coming from outside the one window, that looks out in to a usually abandoned alley. But on this night he looks out his tiny window, to see a group of me surrounding a girl with torn off Clothes. He saves her, and he becomes her Guardian Angle. They soon save enough money to move to a new home. A better home. But their stay there is cut short, when Otis, the home's owner, and Bruno, his dog dies. The death of Otis and Bruno sends Chloe in to a spiraling Depression and she beginnings to doubt the good in the world. To Cheer her up and make her see the good in the world, he takes on a trip across country.
In my opinion this is a great book. Catherine Ryan Hyde touched subject other young adult authors would never in their dreams think about writing about. The one thing I disliked about the book was the ending. It just dropped off. Yes, Jordan and Chloe ache vied everything they hoped to achieve, and the answered the question sounding their whole trip, 'Was the world good or bad?'. But we didn't get any after thought. Where did they finally settle down? Will Jordan ever find that special some one? Will chloe? These were the questions I asked my self while turing theses last pages of the book. Even though the book left me with questions, I would not hesitate recommending this book. It was a great read, with a lot of depth.

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