Better Kept A Secret

Better Kept A Secret

I can’t believe you would do that to me when I trusted you to keep it a secret. Why?? Why would you do that?? I don’t wanna hear that you did what you thought was best for me. I knew exactly what was best for me. You might have thought that I was scared and too young to handle the situation, but I kept it a secret not because I was scared; that way, it was better for every one. It’s not like I was going to let him get near me ever again. (Pause) (Brief hesitation) Yeah, but even if we live in the same house, I still would never let it happen. I froze in place that time because I used to be scared. I didn’t now how to react, but I’m not anymore. That happened so so long ago, back when I was 13. (Pause) There you go again saying that he deserves to be locked up. Maybe reporting him was the right thing to do, but it definitely wasn’t the best thing for me. If you really cared about me like that, you would have set aside the fact that you’re my teacher and did the best thing for me no matter what. (Pause) But I do know! I’m mature enough to realize that you did what you did because you really care about me and think that you’re protecting me. But you should have never took my matters into your own hands. (Pause) I know what he did was wrong, (pause) sick, and disgusting, but my family was already falling apart and the last thing I wanted to do was add onto the drama. You have no idea what I was going through.

For the past two years, I tried so hard to forget every thing that happened. I wanted to move past it and never look back. But because of you, I had to recall every one of those dark memories. It became a much bigger part in my life, which was the complete opposite of what I hoped for. Did it cross your mind that I would have to stand in front of him, a judge, my family, and all of these strangers and tell them every detail of how he harassed me? Do you know how humiliating that felt? (Pause) Honestly, I don’t give a shit if I stopped him from violating other girls. To you, what I did was brave, but I don’t see myself as a notable person and neither did my parents. (Pause) They don’t think like you do. In their eyes, I made a mistake by not keeping my mouth shut. I only brought more trouble to them. It was hard for them to believe, he has lived with us for years, and has been a great family friend. I brought shame to my family because his relatives started spreading word about what happened to other people we know. I had to go through it alone. You should have never said anything, it was better kept a secret.

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Anthony McDonnell (Student 2018)
Anthony McDonnell
  1. Although slightly confusingly written, I really liked the disoriented anguish of the speaker in this monologue. It was really intense and it was very interesting how the details were only revealed bit by bit.
  2. The moment that stood out for me the most was the end. She reveals just how ashamed and alone this whole affair has made her feel.
James Thomas (Student 2018)
James Thomas
  1. This character was telling a person off for giving her secret out. For this alone, I can relate to the piece.
  2. I will remember this monologue as a whole. It was well written with an interesting plot.
Addison Zheng (Student 2018)
Addison Zheng

I really liked this monologue. I can connect with this because if I was in that situation I would probably feel the way she's feeling. What will stick to me is when it said " Did it cross your mind that I would have to stand in front of him, a judge, my family, and all of these strangers and tell them every detail of how he harassed me? Do you know how humiliating that felt? " that stood out to me.

Arielle Moore (Student 2018)
Arielle Moore

I connected with this character because I too experienced a time in my life where I had to deal with something alone without the support of the people that I thought cared about me. I also could really tell the situation that the character was going through was something that really affected their life. A moment that will stay with me is when the character talked about how their family and friends reacted to what happened to them.

Desarae Gilbert (Student 2018)
Desarae Gilbert

I connected with this character because there is a lot of emotion in her words. Its really descriptive so I could really feel how much trouble shes probably facing. A moment that will stick with me is "I don’t give a shit if I stopped him from violating other girls." because it shows a side of the character that might indicate how much telling on her assailant will start causing problems.

Tia Roberts (Student 2018)
Tia Roberts

I really liked this monologue, you can really connect with the character and feel sorry for even if she might have been made up. The emotion the character brought of feeling like they were the bad guy to there own rape was nice. And the language you used throughout the story was really good. I liked this monologue a lot. One moment that really stuck out to me was when you said "Do you know how humiliating that felt?" because usually the victims feels relief after they predator is caught but instead she felt it was wrong.

Jevon Price (Student 2018)
Jevon Price

I connected with this character because of the feelings and emotion that you were able to give through the recording. The best moment to me was " I don't give a shit if he hurts other girls," and I liked this because it really shows how the character is so far into her emotions that she can't even consider what others have had to go through and instead feels that she needs to protect herself and her family first.

Ajanae Mills (Student 2018)
Ajanae Mills

This is very good Sopheary. I liked the sense of mystery in it and I wondered who you were talking to. Also, even though the story doesn't connect with something particularly in my life, I can do I really good job imagining this and seeing in my mind. I think the most powerful line was when you said " I don't give a shit if I stopped him from violating other girls." and I think that shows how scared and upset you were that your teacher had told people about your situation. Very good.

Imani Williams (Student 2018)
Imani Williams

I connected with this character, I felt every emotion that was going through her head I could imagine myself in that horrible situation and how scared she may have been. The moment that will stick with me is that last line " It was better kept a secret". So many people may struggle with situations like this and so many young girls may relate. Good Job! <3

Fatoumata Camara (Student 2018)
Fatoumata Camara

This really made me feel like I was your character it was so good. I connected with your character a lot in this situation but overall it was good. What I will keep with me is that you were so strong to talk about this it was amazing. I like how you wanted to keep it as a secret.

Athalia Tan (Student 2018)
Athalia Tan

I connected with this character because as I heard her talk, you can feel the emotion that came with it. A moment that will stick with me is that some things are meant to kept a secret.

Ethan Halprin (Student 2018)
Ethan Halprin

I connected with this character because the writing is very fluid, and the story explains the situation through the characters thoughts and feelings, which in this case worked better than any backstory would in my opinion. The moment that will stick with me the most is when the character said, "[..] it was better kept a secret." I think it stands out as a deep and profound quote to the entire text.